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Thursday, May 26, 2016

FairPoint Completes Moultonborough Expansion of Broadband Service

FairPoint Communications[1] and the Moultonborough Broadband Committee are pleased to notify the Town of Moultonborough, NH that the broadband expansion project is completed. The necessary facilities have been installed and upgraded and now faster broadband speeds are available in many locations – to some addresses for the first time.
More residents and businesses can quickly e-mail photos, download music, stream video, and surf the Internet now that FairPoint has expanded broadband services. Residents on portions of the following streets now qualify for broadband speeds of 7 Mbps[2] depending on their proximity to the upgraded equipment:
Bean Road                                 Indian Carry
Brick Kiln Road                          Kilnwood Landing
Brook Road                                Lodge Drive
Coe Point Road                          Portage Pass
Deer Crossing                            Red Hill Road [3]
Evergreen Drive                         Sibley Road
Heatherwood Drive                    Wakondah Road
Heron Pond Road                      Willow Terrace
Hornbeam Hollow
“Broadband access opens doors to the world for the residents and businesses in New Hampshire and is fundamental to the state’s future economic growth,” said Pat McHugh, FairPoint’s New Hampshire state president. “Our employees work every day to build more broadband across the state. We are pleased to announce that with the investment made by the town of Moultonborough, we have expanded the availability of high-speed Internet to more homes and businesses.”
“It was a pleasure working with FairPoint and the NH Department of Resources and Economic Development on this project,” said Bill Gassman from Moultonborough Broadband Committee. “The expansion closes the biggest gap in broadband availability across town and gets us closer to our goal of 100 percent coverage.”
Since April 2008, FairPoint has invested more than $900 million in its communications infrastructure and technology to bring broadband to northern New England, including building thousands of miles of new fiber optic network across the region. FairPoint’s new fiber-based, high capacity network offers customers a better, faster way to communicate.
To find out if you are eligible for FairPoint’s high-speed Internet or to obtain information about prices and bundled plans, residents can call 1-844-502-7555 and businesses can call 1-866-984-3001 or visit www.FairPoint.com. 
[1] Services are provided through operating subsidiaries of FairPoint Communications, Inc.
[2] Maximum Internet speeds referenced are only available in select areas.  Internet speed claims represent maximum network service capability.  Actual customer speeds may vary and are not guaranteed.  Actual speeds vary based on a number of factors including site traffic and congestion, components within your computer such as processor speeds, memory and hardware and software configuration, content provider server capacity, internal network management factors and customer device capabilities.
[3] 277 Red Hill Road qualifies for 3Mbps due to distance limitations


Moultonboro Blogger said...

Broadband should not be viewed simply as a certain speed. Defining broadband in terms of functionality cuts to the chase: what can and cannot be done with a certain connection. Minimum upload and download numbers do not always paint the whole picture.

Moultonboro Blogger said...

I should also add that in my personal opinion, bandwith is broad enough (even if it doesn't meet the official FCC definition of broadband) if it allows you to do what it is you want to with an internet connection. I could care less what the FCC definition may be. Its the end user that counts.

Broadband Bill said...

The need for download speed is rising because many homes share bandwidth among not only PCs, but also tablets, smartphones and smart TVs. People want faster upload speeds too, because photo sizes are growing and it is easier to make videos to upload on YouTube. Who wants to wait 2 hours to upload a gigabyte sized movie or days to backup their computer to the cloud. FairPoint's expansion will satisfy most of the people it newly serves, but the cushion is thin. Hopefully, faster infrastructure will be deployed ahead of the demand curve.