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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Lakes Region Planning Commission Receives EPA Grant

Congratulations to the LRPC.  For more information on brownfields click here to go to the LRPC  Brownfields Environmental Site Assessment Program. The EPA’s Land Revitalization program works with communities, states, non-profits and other stakeholders to develop and test sustainable approaches for the reuse of formerly contaminated properties. 

News Release
Lakes Region Planning Commission
Meredith NH Office
May 23, 2016
Contact: Jeffrey R. Hayes, 279-5336

EPA recently announced that the Lakes Region Planning Commission will receive $400,000 to conduct environmental assessments and clean up plans for Brownfield properties located in Lake Region. Brownfield funding is used to address liability and environmental concerns associated with abandoned and underutilized properties including buildings, gas stations, mills, or even vacant lots. "Turning around a Brownfield in your community can be a great revitalization tool and can help to protect the region's health and water quality" said Jeff Hayes, Executive Director of Lakes Region Planning Commission.

A Brownfield is a property with real or perceived contamination issues which limits its redevelopment. The Lakes Region Planning Commission has conducted assessments and clean up plans for dozens of properties in the Lakes Region already.   If your community has a Brownfield and you would like to find out if it qualifies for Brownfield funding, please contact Jeff Hayes at 279-5336 and/or visit LRPC's website at www.lakesrpc.org

Jeffrey R. Hayes, MRP
Executive Director

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