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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Planning Board in Favor of States Landing Design

The Town owned States Landing beach and boat launch was the subject last night at the Planning Board to review the amended conceptual design resulting from Planning Board and public input recommendations. Ray Korber of KV Partners presented the updated plan.
The proposed construction sequence is as follows:
1. Stormwater management to protect the lake
2. Complete dredging for the beach and boat launch areas
3. Restore and extend the beach
4. Parking lot construction with overflow parking and a boat trailer maneuvering lane
5. Construction of a  boat launch and finger dock
6. Complete park features
7. Comfort station
This is long term project and at present there is funding remaining from last years $50,000 allocation for design and permitting. In addition, a capital reserve fund was established at this years town meeting with a $125,000 deposit.
According to Ray Korber, the next step is the DES permitting.
The Planning Board unanimously approved a motion to encourage the Board of Selectmen to schedule a public hearing on the conceptual design.


Potty Trained said...

There's no "comfort station" at the town Long Island Beach, why a need at States Landing?

"States Landing Beach Improvements-1/13/16 Planning Board Workshop
#2 Minutes The following is a summary of minutes from the 1/13 Planning Board Workshop for the subject project.
A. The meeting was a continuation of the 12/9/15 meeting to vet the
revised concept plan."

"There was discussion on adding a comfort station to the park elements.
Currently portable toilets are made available to users of the beach area but there is concern that more visitors to the site might warrant a more permanent and cleaner solution. It was decided that portable toilets would be considered for now, but that upgrading to a comfort station building would be considered as the project is developed. A proposed location for the portable toilets or future comfort station should be illustrated on the plan."

Moultonboro Blogger said...

My opinion is that we need better rest room facilities at Long Island Beach as well. If voters agree to spend a considerable sum to restore State Landing and create a nice family oriented facility, a proper comfort station should be part of the plan.

Anonymous said...

So, if Long Island beach does not have something, States Landing cannot either? Not a great way to reclaim this gem of an area.

10-20yrs. ago we loved going there. Lets get it back, please.