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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Private vs Public

Based upon what I was able to hear from Monday's RAB meeting, fund raising has occurred in the past at some point to enable the Pop Whalen Ice Arena in Wolfeboro  to install an ice refrigeration system. Also mentioned was " The Nick" as being supported by townspeople. Some clarification as well as some perspective is in order as well as some Moultonboro history.
The Pop Whalen Ice Arena in Wolfeboro is run by the Wolfeboro Parks and Recreation as an Enterprise Fund and as such, operations are supported by user fees  and the Parks and Recreation Department.  For perspective, Wolfeboro Parks and Recreation 2016 budget is approximately $1.2 million, more than three times that of Moultonboro. The arena was originally built by volunteers in 1990 and is used extensively by Kingswood for ice hockey and the high school is actively involved in fund raising to expand the facility as well as other groups.
"The Nick" ( The Nicholas J. Pernokas Recreation Park ) was a gift from John and Jill Pernokas to create an outdoor recreation area in memory of their late son, Nicholas J. Pernokas. The land was donated to the Wolfeboro Area Recreation Association (WARA)and opened to the public in August 2006. In terms of funding, the WARA  raised $13K from individual donors ( in 2013 per their website) and hoped for $25K in 2014. The Nick has many benefactors,sponsors and endowments and also charges user fees and encourages even those who walk the area to make a donation.
Our ice rink was built as I am told, by volunteers.  The entire Playground Drive facility is on donated land. Fundraising does and has occurred in town. Many times. The Pathway for example. The majority of the cost is by donations and grants.  The rest is public support. Not to mention the Friends of the Library and the Friends of Recreation and many, many school related fundraisers. I'm sure there have been many others as well. Good examples of successful private and public partnerships to achieve a goal.
My point here is to say that Moultonboro residents are very generous in donating time, talent and money. Private participation in public projects does occur. Its all around us. You just have to have an open mind to see it.

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