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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Recreation Advisory Board: Status Quo

A spirited and occasionally contentious discussion on the future of the Recreation Advisory Board was held at last Thursday's BoS work session. One thing that the BoS did agree upon was to continue the RAB in some form. After some discussion, TA Walter Johnson spoke of his experience in Holderness with their Recreation Board. That board he said were boosters for recreation and have been a very positive group. He also said that in his observations, our rec department is very well run and staffed and runs excellent programs.
The role of the RAB as being an " advisory"  board was discussed as well as seemingly stepping beyond the bounds of what that means. I made the example that the Town has a CIPC, ABC, TA and a BoS. The RAB should not be involved in those particular functions.
A question was raised about obtaining actual usage numbers for recreation programs and the Wolfeboro monthly Parks and Recreation report was used as an example. The report does in fact include participation numbers , but as I pointed out, it is based upon registrations, not a head count. As I stated, this is standard practice for rec departments. The Wolfeboro report does say that the numbers are " Registrations/Attendees."  The Moultonborough Rec. Department also provides a weekly report to the TA published on the Town website and like most communities, the program participation numbers for the year are reported in the annual Town report.
In the end, it was decided to look at the Holderness charge and composition for their Recreation Board and not reinvent the wheel. In the interim, it was agreed that the RAB would remain as is until such time as we adopt a new charge and composition.

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