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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Recreation Advisory Board

A few interesting discussions last night at the Recreation Advisory Board. I do have to apologize as a selectman, that the sound quality from the audience leaves a lot to be desired as I could not hear all the audience discussion. We need to fix that.
It was interesting to hear that a roof and coolant pipes at Playground Drive would be something that would benefit the whole town. The idea was brought forth by RAB vice chair Al Hume with the thought that the cost ( probably well in excess of $1million) could all be raised with fundraising. The RSPT 10 years ago found the idea to be cost prohibitive. What was suggested last night would involve essentially rebuilding the ice rink. I don't think it is realistic to expect that private donations will fully fund such a project, even with volunteer labor, but the concept is a good one. Enclosing the rink would enable the Rec Department to have a safe out of the sun and weather facility for summer camp and other programs.
Even though the Playground Drive facility is used by a minority of citizens, we do have an obligation to maintain it and when feasible, improve it to maximize it's use. Sometimes we need to invest in our community for the benefit of the whole.
It occurs to me though that whatever is done at Playground Drive should be well planned and thought out. The soccer field was rebuilt, the softball field repairs are being planned, the tennis courts have been striped to accommodate pickleball  and now it it time to look at the remaining areas of our only true public "playground",

That planning process is underway and through the correct channels, driven by the Rec. Dept in consultation with our TA and other staff. Capital projects will be proposed by the Rec. Director through the CIPC and the CIPC will provide to the BoS it's recommended projects and capital spending plan for the upcoming six year cycle.


Anonymous said...

wait for it.... any moment the just say no crowd will weigh in on "reckless" spending" and start spreading the lies.

Enough already said...

Show-up for the BoS meeting Thursday night.

Item V (1) on the agenda.

Anonymous said...

Wow-the same guy who rallied against a community center - going so far as to take out a newspaper ad against it - is now rallying FOR a MILLION DOLLAR ice rink. This is some town!

Fred Van Magness said...

Let me offer some REAL suggestions and avoid the lipstick on the pig analogy.
I saw a fabulous building up here in NH the other day at the Laconia DPW. Our Selectman Chris Shipp should be very familiar with it in his work at Laconia. The building is metal trussed and covered by a fabric that looks very much like a thick rubberized polyester. It reminds me of the material used to make rubber inflatable boats like Zodiak's. The fabric is the real deal…very tough. These structures are also used extensively by the military. I did a little research. the Laconia folks now use two of these buildings…one was built about 9 years ago and they were so happy with it, they purchased second exact copy in 2012. These are very large….one houses their entire winter salt supply and the other winter sand. They use Jersey barriers around the inside perimeter to prevent punctures. You know these sand/salt stuff are big piles. Anyway, I believe they are made by a company called Rubb. I got the cost….ballpark numbers from the DPW head. Building that was bought in 2012 cost $160,000 (ballpark). The site work prep, including paving the inside, cost another approx. $20,000. Imagine, for $180,000 one of these buildings could be up and operational in a short amount of time. These are no small structures. And no huge investment in fixed brick and mortar. And they can be moved in the future if the need arises. That is a very flexible option for small sums. You can check the buildings out at www.rubb.com The cost data above was directly from the Laconia NH DPW Director, Mr. Paul Moynihan. Phone 1-603-528-6379
I know that there will be a lot of closed minds on this, but we could easily have a terrific fix that would be durable, inexpensive, and allow for a better ice rink. In addition, the town really needs to involve other towns in this. I assume the Rec.Department will have closed minds about inviting others to participate, but regionalization is the way to go on things like this. I have also called for an independent building committee, not made up of the usual folks, to consider ALL of he data. It is time for Moultonborough to think outside the box.

Moultonboro Blogger said...

Thank you for the comment Fred. No options are off the table. We have had serious discussions for example about renting a large tent ( very inexpensive) to provide cover for the summer camps. The rec department works collaboratively with many other towns and has for years. I think you will find that the rec department is a lot more open minded than you have been led to believe.

Anonymous said...

Moultonborough should not be fundraising for anything. $1 million is ridiculous. Stop imposing on the good will of the businesses and people of the town.

Facts and Opinion said...

"Wow-the same guy who rallied against a community center"
Apparently many can read but a few just can't comprehend what they read.
I think it states donations or other forms of raising funds.
Although there are some who are against any forms of government intervention in the recreation department I'd guess that most are for recreation for our young. It's just the methods of paying for this recreation.
Reading is easy. Comprehension is a little more difficult.

Anonymous said...

Sorry F&O, you ring just a tad hollow when you say most are for recreation for our young,. The same small group keeps coming to meetings and does whatever it can to derail any and all recreation plans. Mr. Hume is not thinking clearly.How would an enclosed ice rink help me? I am retired and don't skate.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 9:24 You are correct that a million dollar ice rink will not help a retired non-skater - whether it be paid for by the town/taxes or by donations and fundraising. In this town it doesn't matter whether anyone, young or old, will benefit or be hindered by anything. Unfortunately, and to our shame, the only the only thing that matters here is the whim of that "same small group".

Seasonal said...

The shame is the continued talk about the same small group. Which one? The one for, or the one against, spending more on recreation, in an already recreation rich town.

Small minds is next.

Anonymous said...

The ones against.

Facts and Opinions said...

"Sorry F&O"
Actually, I'm with you.
Why should I pay for any education funding when I don't have kids in any schools?
But alas, our founding fathers determined that all children should get a public education.
I think it is right there in the New Hampshire constitution.
Locally, the majority of the town citizens have determined that there be a recreation department. By voting I think.
Why not do away with the police department? One NH town did this and relies on the State Police. Why not here? Huh?
I'd bet you would agree to keep our men and women in blue. Funded by property taxes.
Presently, all/some are attempting to determine what recreation this town should offer.
And of course, how to fund it.

Anonymous said...

Why won't you cut to the chase. Isn't all this Rec. Bd.stuff to resurrect the Community Center?

As the taxpayers said no, get the volunteers to pay for it.

When they raise the money then lets have an article to approve giving them land to build on.

Anonymous said...

Ah, and there it is. Selfish seniors. How about we stop paying for pickleball? Thety want it, they should pay for it. And wacko peitions for townmeetings or doing away with recreation all together. You all know the players.

Need anger management said...

My, my, aren't we an angry bunch today. Get out in the sun and relax.

Anonymous said...

Pickleball players already pay for the self-funding pickleball town program, on town property they helped pay for, and don't need lessons, that are taught by volunteers!

Too bad facts are gotten first before accusing.

Having been at the town meeting, you're right, a lot of wackos there.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 436; we ALL paid for these things, not just you. the town paid to have the courts lined for pickleball. What a waste of MY tax dollars. Those ARE the facts.

fees and taxes said...

6:28 PM Do you pay $30 to play pickleball on the courts that all taxpayers paid for? Maybe $5 a pickleball play-day is not enough? Do you contribute to a self-supporting fund taught by volunteers?

Anonymous said...

You should buy your own land and build your own courts and pay whatever it costs to maintain them and quit your whining.

non-resident taxpayer said...

For those that rely on public funds, many town taxpayers do play on private land and have built on them and play on them. Quite a few Homeowner Associations, pay taxes, and Association fees and don't burden the other taxpayers, especially those that cannot vote.

Clearly not everyone lives in Associations that have tennis courts etc., but that doesn't entitle the town to provide for every whim and every sport. What next, a town golf course?

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear non resident that we are such a " burden". You came here for the big lake so enjoy it, but the price of that privilege is to pay taxes like the rest of us. DOn't like the way things are here? Move somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

To Anon @ 8:42....you will probably like it a whole lot less when there is a substantial NON RESIDENT TAXPAYER ASSOCIATION formed to counter the extra costs and schemes that some in this town like to fund. And this association will push for the ability to VOTE on town budgets and LOCAL elections. Taxation without representation is WRONG, but you probably would not like to see it happen, as it would destroy your little perks. The BOS needs to remember they represent and must address the needs and opinions of ALL of the taxpayers in this town, not just the residents.

Anonymous said...

Your tone most recent anon at 8:42 is very negative. I own a lake home and don't vote here. I also don't care much about your politics. You want to live on the lake, you pay for it.