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Alexander Hamilton

Saturday, June 11, 2016


Three interesting pieces of correspondence last Thursday at our BoS meeting.
One was the obligatory weekly programing letter from our cable provider, formerly known as Time Warner Cable, now under the letterhead of Charter Communications. We have not yet completed a contract renewal with them, but one way or another, it will renew next year.  With all kinds of new technology coming down the road, including word that Alphabet,Google's parent company has plans to " beam" super high speed internet directly to homes and offices, I have to wonder how long hard wired cable will be viable. In not too many years we will look back at our current high speed cable modems as we currently think of the old dial up modems: quaint but obsolete.
We received a letter from abutters to Aubuchon Hardware regarding Ames Road. Is it a town road or a private road? It has been traditionally been considered a town road by the DPW, but in researching this all the way back to 1927 the town found that there was never any article at a town meeting where the legislative body accepted Ames Road as a town road. In the letter, it as stated that " Doc Mallard       ( then Highway Agent Leonard Mallard) paved the road for Charlotte Whitehouse as a favor in the 1970's and we think this is where the assumption ( that it was a town road) came from." The issue is the use of Ames Road for Aubuchon employees and the property owners want the road reclaimed as a private road so that can control what happens on their property. More research and a review of the Aubuchon site plan and eventually an answer was promised to the letter writers who attended the meeting.
Lastly, a friend of a Long Island Road property owner who passed away in 2015, asked for permission to place a memorial bench at Long Island Beach in her memory as that was one of her favorite places and she would sit there often. The BoS agreed it is a very nice gesture and will seek the input of the Recreation Department as well as DPW before making a decision.


Anonymous said...

I found the discussion on Ames road very interesting. As I travel around the town, I see many dirt roads....some with only one house....such as Martha's Lane, Garland Pond Rd., Moulton Dr., etc. that have street signs that would indicate they are TOWN roads, not Private. Martha's Lane even has access restrictions posted...illegally if it is public ?? Seems like there should be a lot of research done to understand when EACH town road was accepted by town meeting. Concerning Aubuchon's....a prosperous local business, the concerns seem to point out some issues with the Panning Board Site Plan reviews. For example, why wasn't there sufficient parking designated on site. And is all the materials that are displayed/stored on the front of the property in accordance with the approved site plans. New businesses certainly have to go through hoops just to open and Aubuchon's is in plain view. Maybe they are taking away some parking spots that would be used by employees and ignoring the site plan approvals. Maybe there is a code enforcement issue. We shall see if local government has the will to make things right in terms of identifying every public road acceptance date and whether Aubuchon's is in full compliance with the Planning Board approvals.

Moultonboro Blogger said...

I asked that the Aubuchon site plan be reviewed. I doubt they would have been given approval to park offsite on a town road.
It is not reasonable in my opinion to go on a witch hunt and investigate every public road acceptance date so I disagree with your opinion to see if "local government has the will to make things right."

Anonymous said...

The pavement on that road appears to be fairly fresh. Certainly better than the dirt road I live on with the same tax rate. How did this all come about?