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Alexander Hamilton

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Does this make sense?

Okay, so if you are on a terrorist watch list in the United States of America, you can still legally buy a semi-automatic weapon identical to the one that the shooter in Orlando used.  A bill to stop terrorists or suspected terrorists from legally buying these weapons was defeated in the Republican controlled US Senate in 2015 because of concerns that someone might mistakenly be on the terrorist watch list.

Donald Trump earlier today Tweeted that "Appreciate the congrats for being right on radical Islamic terrorism, I don't want congrats, I want toughness & vigilance. We must be smart!"

Say what? Not so smart Trump also wants to build a wall to keep out illegal immigrants and not allow any Muslims into the country, because some might be terrorists. Using the same logic, would it not have been " smart"  to err on the side of caution by not allowing anyone on the terrorist watch list to legally purchase these assault rifles on the chance that they may be used in a terrorist attack? 
 Still waiting for how precisely how Trump will prevent these tragic shootings if elected.  


Get real said...

It is not guns. ISIS will use whatever they need. Paris was bombs. The jihadists are seeking their 72 virgins, because of their beliefs. Where's the USA leadership? Leading from behind? How's that working out!

Moultonboro Blogger said...

He shot 103 people! He did that because he was able to get a semi automatic assault rifle when he shouldn't have. He also had explosives. Trump and the Republicans in Washington think it is ok for terrorist to have access to these weapons. ISIS may have claimed responsibility, but they did not plan or perpetrate the attack. It was one single wacko terrorist.

Dave Rossetti said...

Laws are only ideas in effect. You cannot take them home with you or put them in your pocket. Laws are "feel good" measures at best. If I wake up tomorrow morning and decide to kill 100 people, who's going to stop me? I have at my disposal a multitude of ways and devices to accomplish that task, I don't need "guns". Semi-automatic, full automatic, or rotating wheels powered by rubber bands firing 16 penny nails, soda fountain tanks filled with gasoline and a bug sprayer wand, back packs filled with pressure cookers filled with ball bearings and propellant, air planes filled with fuel, etc, etc, etc.
We are a fragmented society full of hate and distrust. Until people are happy with each other, unified by common goals, culture, hopes and desires this will continue. We didn't have these problems in 1980. We have had semi and fully automatic weapons since the Gatling gun and Greek fire. What changed? Society, culture, public education, and the family. Create the problem so you can create the cure. Sure pretend to take away all the guns, and I will stick you in the eye with a sharp stick if you anger me enough. Guns are not the problem, people are the problem. Maybe we should just make people illegal....

Former trucker said...

Worry about flying, blame guns for nut-case actions with religious fervor, and any other excuse for crazy culture and society. Only a matter of time for jihadists to drive 18 wheelers, especially tankers, full of C-4 or propane into cities and blow-up sections of cities.

Guns are only "JV league".

Eddie Broussard said...

You miss the point.
This is about guns.
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that if any person is on the FBI watch list then some sort of delay should be placed on that person getting any legal firearm.
This alone will not stop what has happened. But it will slow down such actions for some in the future.
Simple legislation could place a yellow flag on all on FBI watch list. Then an appeal process is also included. Let the person on the watch list appeal any denial and/or delay in obtaining a firearm.
Common sense legislation that is not taking away your personal firearm.
Can someone obtain firearms illegally? Of course, but that is not as easy as purchasing a firearm legally at a gun shop. And police do monitor illegal firearms sales.
This is a simple step and doesn't in any way hinder those who already have firearms.
Common sense legislation.
But those on the far right and those in the NRA are opposed to any legislation. Shame on them.

Anonymous said...

This is about killing. Dave R. just showed us a number of ways to kill large groups of people without touching a gun. And blogger, you jump the gun, no pun intended, he had no explosives re; this AM presser, ATF quote. If his now ex-wife had asked for and obtained a restraining order, or brought charges against him for abuse he would have (should have) been denied the purchase. Having filled out the questionnaire for the purchase of a firearm many times those questions are there. If just being on the FBI watch list is an automatic denial for a gun purchase the Gov't will and has used that as a political tool. James Rosen (Fox News... save the anti FNC comments for someone who cares) spent a lot of time and money getting his name removed because he asked the tough questions this Admin. doesn't want.
Afte 911 this country developed an efficient domestic intel program. It has since been swallowed up by the State Dept and we find ourselves behind the eight ball in situations like this.
Obama likes to lay blame on guns. Its very natural for him. He STILL refuses to utter the words "radical Islamic terror". Until we identify the enemy, understand their hate for the free world and the LGBTQ community we will never stop this.
Buying a gun off the grid is as easy as buying Cheerios at the grocery store. I choose to buy mine legally because I don't like breaking laws. Bad people with evil on their mind will never have a problem getting a weapon. "Gun trafficking is limited to criminals AND the Federal Gov't and neither one of those factors obey the law."
May I suggest a book? "Because They Hate" by Brigitte Gabriel.

Anonymous said...

Then it is not about guns. It is about governsnce, or lack of.

Anonymous said...

It is not about guns, nor governance nor proper intel. It is about a person who was not well balanced mentally and on the FBI watch list able to obtain an assault weapon. As blogger said, he shot over 100 people. We don't solve this because we don't address the problem.

Not Billy the Kid said...

Which problem, and no need to quote blogger. Solve what? State what YOU THINK is the problem, and maybe with a solution. The only common denominator is "people" and their actions, or non-actions. Now, how are they controlled, or is that a bad word. How about disciplined? How about respectful? How about those words don't fit today's culture!

How many of you have concealed weapons permits, and know when to use them? Could have greatly reduced some of the damage, maybe, and I don't political correctness.

Moultonboro Blogger said...

The solution is in my post: deny people that may be terrorists the ability to arm themselves with assault rifles. The republican controlled senate did not have the courage to do that. Arming people in that nightclub and expecting them to hit a target with 300+ people around at 2am while avoiding 100 rounds a minute is not a solution. And we don't know if any of the people were carrying a weapon.

Not Billy the Kid said...

I agree Assaults rifles should be outlawed for the general public. That's a far cry from the prevalent "gun control" mentality. A Glock is fine! An AR-15 is a semi-automatic. Fully automatic is an M-16, designed for military warfare. Slight conversion of AR-15 can modify to M-16. Neither should be allowed to the general public. Why not howitzers, or RPGs! Some of us has used them, and they have no business other than in the military.

Anonymous said...

Let's all say what the Orlando problem is: RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISM! The solution needs to be how IT is killed, not gun control. Assault weapons too, but fix the bigger problem. They are not the same problem.

Moultonboro Blogger said...

It doesn't matter what it is called. What matters is how to stop it. The killer was born in the USA by the way Donald. A wall and a ban on Muslims entering the USA would have not done squat to stop this.

Armed said...

There was an armed security guard in the club.

Anonymous said...

Was the security guard actually an armed cop? Do we militarize like Israel, or kill the problem "over there". Don't need a ban, if the USA does what it has done, successfully, in the past. Go annihilate the enemy "over there"! That WILL STOP IT.

Radical Islam is laughing at us!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 4:57. Where is over there? Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Indonesia? Those are the most populated countries. There are others as well. DO you think we have enough money and troops?

Anonymous @ 4:57. said...

What did "over there" mean in WWI. No, I didn't fight in that war, but I knew enough to know what it meant!

Anonymous said...

First, when talking about "automatic" rifles we need to understand a couple things. A fully automatic rifle will dispense round after round after round with one squeeze of the trigger and holding it. That type of weapon can only be purchased with a special license that requires a complicated and expensive process. The AR-15 Style semi-automatic "assault" rifle is functionally the same as my 30-06 hunting rifle... one trigger squeeze will dispense one round. They differ only by visual design, attachments (grips etc), and calibers. Herein is the problem. It is easier to go after the tool rather than the user or the ideology or the motivation. I have several guns and never once have had to reprimand any one of them for going out on their own to have their way with a squirrel. When people drive drunk we punish the driver (user) not the car. I am tired of this not naming the ideology behind these senseless attacks. At the Colo movie theater and Columbine school shooting and others a Remington 870 Wing-master pump action shotguns were used. Best duck and upland game gun ever made. Should we ban those as well? Going back to the Munich Massacre (1972) by Black September most all of these attacks have been carried out by radical Muslim males between the ages of 19 and 42 years. I have no beef with the Muslim religion so I call these perps RADICAL Muslims. You can bet your Mega-bucks winnings that if they yelled "Jesus is great!" or "Praise Mother Mary" before they shot we would hear strong and loud about the extreme Christian Right. So get off the program of "we don't want to upset the Muslims".
We need to understand that when an entity declares war on your nation you are at war!! Whether you want to be or not we are at war. Identify the enemy, prepare the strategy and make war back. Make it so horrible for the enemy that for generations yet to come they will not want to resort to that effort again. Killing innocent civilians as their favorite targets, they do not subscribe to the Geneva Convention rules of war. So then we should not be held to that standard as well when making war against these perps.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 8:42

I have to say I mostly disagree with your logic. Cars do not have the capacity to kill in the quantities that semi-automatic weapons do. There a great number of things that are highly regulated or licensed because they simply are an extreme threat to humanity. Dynamite or C4 if you prefer is useful when used properly but access is very limited. A horrendous auto accident is if 5 or 6 people killed. How easily did the Orlando terrorist kill 50 people? Too easily in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

\ The shooting range in Show Low, AZ

has been Gregg Schnepp’s second home, the place he gathers with buddies who call one another “old fogy” as they send shotgun pellets flying through the air.

But now 70 and receiving treatment for Parkinson’s disease, Mr. Schnepp, along with his wife, JoAnne, faces a wrenching, emotionally charged question: When is the right time to give up the gun?

“Shooting is about his only interest in life,” said Ms. Schnepp, who has avoided broaching the topic with her husband, though she knows his physical and mental abilities are likely to decline. “Then I will have to look him in the face and say, ‘You will get dementia,’ ” she said. “And I’m not doing that.”

In a nation with widespread gun ownership and an aging population, firearm removal has been added to the burdens of caring for older relatives — alongside seizing the car keys and taking away the checkbook.

getting along in years said...

Not Orlando, not the ongoing Chicago Mayhem, not the crime sprees in most large cities, if not all cities, have anything to do with dementia or gun control. That goes without saying the Radical Islamic terrorists are not a sub-set of being elderly. Getting behind the wheel of a car and driving is a practice that the elderly must face as well. When to give it up!

For the record said...

Little solace!

I wasn't an AR-15, as originally reported. The weapon was a Sig Sauer MCX

Anonymous said...

Still an assault weapon.

I do want to know what do we do with the old people with dementia who still "play" with their guns??

Very scary.