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Thursday, June 23, 2016

LED Street Lights Coming to Moultonboro?

Bill Johnstone of the NH Electric Coop, attended the BoS work session this afternoon to provide information on the Coop's plans and philosophy in regards to street lights.
The Coop only uses LED's in new and replacement lamps.
Mr.Johnstone explained that LED lights are closer to daylight and have a better light pattern fill. The cost savings in energy is substantial as an LED uses about half the energy of older high pressure sodium lights with higher luminance.
We also discussed the lights in town that were turned off and removed a few years back as a cost saving measure that the BoS , subject to a planned public hearing, may ask to be restored. The Coop will provide a price quote on that cost.
He also explained that street lights are not metered, but rather use a flat rate charge which varies depending on the size chosen.
Coincidentally, I saw this article after today's meeting where the American Medical Association issued a policy statement to "minimize potential harmful human health and environmental effects" of the proliferation of LED streetlights.
A lot to consider and research.
On the bright side ( no pun intended) NHEC Board did approve a 19% summer rate decrease.


Anonymous said...

How about shielding any or replacement lights to avoid the negative impact on the night sky??

Anonymous said...

Oh good and I can feel like I'm back in Massachusetts again