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Alexander Hamilton

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Republicans remain divided in (NH ) House

Concord Monitor
Saturday, June 18, 2016

The House session ended as it began, with a bitter and divisive debate among Republicans.

The chamber’s declining collegiality and increasing partisanship are now pushing some long-time GOP representatives out the door.

“I got sick of it,” said Rep. David Kidder, a moderate Republican who is not seeking re-election after six terms in the House. He led the Fish and Game committee. “We’re there to solve problems and fix it, not to play politics and try to embarrass the speaker.”

The ill will born from a contested speaker race has lingered throughout the two-year session, and caused friction among House Republicans.

With Democratic support, Shawn Jasper defeated his own party nominee Bill O’Brien to take the gavel in 2014. It prompted O’Brien to form an offshoot Republican caucus of about 70 members, which has largely opposed Jasper’s agenda at every turn.

The GOP divide didn’t really affect policy –  a coalition of Democrats and Republicans led by Jasper were able to pass major bills like Medicaid expansion, substance abuse funding and the budget.

But it did make the session days more uncomfortable – and disruptive.

Consider last week, when the House met to consider a single drug enforcement bill. An action that could have taken a couple hours dragged on all day after some Republicans fought Jasper’s proposal to suspend the rules and introduce the bill. They bickered with him over procedure. And in a final hour long debate at 4 p.m., some Republicans objected to the removal of the words “born and unborn” from a prayer printed in the February journal.

“The Republican leadership is at variance with the Republican caucus, and has been for the whole session,” said O’Brien, a Mont Vernon Republican who isn’t seeking re-election. “It sets this as a really unfortunate precedent.”

Jasper has dismissed the opposition, saying the maneuvers were meant to make him look bad on the last session day. He added that voters have a choice this year to pick elected officials who represent their interests, as opposed to those who use the platform to make political statements.

Amid all the back and forth, some members are throwing up their hands.

Republican Rep. Robert Rowe, who chaired the powerful Judiciary Committee, resigned from the Legislature recently to take on another position.

Thirty years ago people debated policy on the House floor, he said. Now they come to propagandize and force unnecessary roll calls votes that consume time.

“It’s become far too partisan in the eyes of many,” he said.

The party infighting reflects a larger identity crisis within the GOP, as Donald Trump takes the helm.

Trump visited the state last week to deliver a major speech on national security. That’s the kind of event that should draw a crowd of top state Republicans, jockeying to be seen with the presumptive presidential nominee. Few showed up.


Anonymous said...

I sincerely hope that voters wise up in November and reject the right wing extremism and obstructionist politics that are ruining this country.

State Rep Glenn Cordelli said...

Do you feel the same about left wing extremism?
Just 2 examples from the news today:



Anonymous said...

Sure, and the left leaning wing is certainly better. Are you living in a fantasy world? Look at today's headline....even transcripts of the Orlando shooting get redacted because the left administration cannot stand to see certain terms used. When is a transcript actually factual? Yep, those folks on the left are sure to be trusted since the right folks are crooks. Dream on in your fantasy world.

Moultonboro Blogger said...

The "left" as you say is not afraid to see certain terms used. “What we’re not going to do is further proclaim this man’s pledges of allegiance to terrorist groups, and further his propaganda,” Lynch told NBC. “We are not going to hear him make his assertions of allegiance [to the Islamic State" Your complete misinterpretation of the facts is deplorable. Fox News and Breitbart are hardy bastions of truth by the way.

Moultonboro Blogger said...

To Mr. Cordelli: people are weary of the no compromise views of any extremist thinking. The ability to work together to build meaningful lasting solutions to our problems in NH has been hampered by it. The animosity shown to the County Commissioners by yourself, Ms. Umberger and Mr. McConkey does not benefit the taxpayers of the districts they represent.
Former NH House Speaker O'Brien nearly single handedly decimated our mental health system with his draconian budget in 2010-2012. We have yet to recover. That is not a legacy I would be proud of.

Anonymous said...

Reading Mr. Cordelli statement seemed fine till I got to his two input story lines. Had to stop when I saw the sources, Fox news (Remember the fair and balanced laugh line) and Breitbart (ultra wing bats).

That shows who he is.

Anonymous said...

What do either of Mr Cordelli's references have to do with this post? How do these examples explain why the GOP cannot get along or work with members of another party for the benefit of the people they represent? This is always the tactic: best defense is an offense.

Anonymous said...

Yes, he lost my support when he referenced FOX. That's an entertainment station, part of the FOX Entertainment group. I'm surprised he didn't include some from the Heritage Foundation.

Anonymous said...

The extreme right, AND the extreme left have forgotten the middle, which is where most voters find themselves.