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Friday, June 17, 2016

Selectmen Highlights June 16th 2016

  • Town Ordinance #8 Relative to Parking Violations was amended after a brief public hearing. Vehicles will be prohibited to stop, stand or park on the north side of  Old Route 109 extending 250' west from the intersection of Route 109. Signs will be posted accordingly.
  • The TA spoke with our our insurance carrier Primex regarding potential liability regarding a potential truck runaway ramp on Ossipee Park Road. The cost was estimated to be $200-700K range. The Town will send a letter to CG Roxanne inquiring what their intentions are regarding this issue and if they have any plans to build a runaway ramp.
  • Still waiting for Fairpoint to move their lines at the Old 109 /Rt25 intersection and Far Echo and Neck Rd. 
  • The Lions Club advised that it is unlikely that the club will renew the property lease in 2017.
  • The BoS annual goals retreat was rescheduled to June 30th at 12 noon. Location to be determined.  
  • We continue to receive complaints about the condition of Moultonboro Neck Rd. The NH DOT has limited resources and it may be some time before they get to it. In addition, I mentioned that the fog lines along a section of the Pathway were not repainted when it was repaved.  In a cost savings measure, the state has prioritized which roads will receive fog lines and Moultonboro Neck was not one of them. As it is a safety issue, the Town will look into hiring a private contractor to do the work assuming NH DOT gives us permission to do so.
  • The Town has a new Town Counsel. We accepted the proposal of Drummond Woodsum Municipal Law Group, a large firm based in Portland with offices in Portsmouth and Manchester. 


Anonymous said...

According to the Town Office, Moultonborough has an overall property tax assessment of about $2.3 Billion and more than half of this amount requires Moultonborough Neck Road to get to these properties. I have been told that the town passed responsibility over to the state to avoid eventual Long Island Bridge repairs. I have also been told that the road is rated level 4 (the least urgent?) when it comes to repairs. I have reported dangerous frost heaves ( near the Lakes Cycle shop) where a convergence of a blind bend, walkers/bike riders, cars and trucks avoiding the potholes will, I fear, lead to an avoidable accident...I got no response, except lip-service, from the state.
Lastly, our town road expert told me that the recent patch job done at the lesser traveled, far end of Moultonborough Neck Road (Long Island)was already splitting and separating, confirming his belief that it was a lousy, inefficient, too costly for the result job.
For our far-thinking leaders, (while there remains a perception that second home residents are less important to placate then permenant residents), just imagine how many $500k, $1 million dollar, $2-5+ million dollar home sales are going to close after potential buyers have bounced their way down Moultonborough Neck Road? Oops! There goes that property tax base in the wrong direction as costs invariably continue to rise..."cheap can get expensive"

Long time Necker said...

The roads are relative to what you get in NH, not just MoBo.

Look at the Neck road "pathway" that's a disaster, from an engineering view and a user view. The solution is patch the dirt part over with hot top (make it a breakdown lane) and spend more money this year to "fix" and have the Rec.Dept. ask for more money to make and enhance the financial fiasco, in spite of the alleged "grants". The pathway committee should be disbanded, if not already. Who is responsible for the terrible and idiotic design. Go to Holderness if you want see it how it is supposed to be done. Why both sides of the road? Put more poles on the painted lines that are faded. The poles are already disappearing from theft, vandalism or play time.

No mention of the unrealistically huge costs of creating the correct road base to eliminate the heaves and broken roads.

The Long Island and Neck road real estate will/is doing just fine, and will continue, in spite of the "NH roads".

Now, if we can only get a developer to buy the Kona property and turn it into a vacation/retirement mecca.

Anonymous said...

Why is such a nonsensical old school, short-sighted position on all points, but the poorly designed walkway, the last rebuttle post? According to my longtime neck neighbor, proper repair of the road relied on by a clear majority of taxpayers is unwise....and think the answer to increased vacationers and tourism is having an investor-angel restore the Kona Inn?! Blogger, as a New Yorker, is this reminiscent of an old bridge that was for sale?!

Anonymous said...

The State DOT have plans to repair the first section of the Neck Rd in the fall of 2017. Have town leaders discussed this with DOT and is the Town ready and able to accelerate the repair of the pathway in anticipation of the Neck Rd. being repaired in 2017? It would seem prudent to me that the Town take advantage of this repair of the road surface to first fix the poorly designed pathway. Otherwise, the very incremental approach the town has taken in repairs of the pathway to date will mean that after the roadway is repaved, the town will still be coming in and ripping up the pathway and a portion of the roadway in sections. This makes no sense but putting off the repaving of the Neck Rd also makes no sense if the State plans to do the paving in 2017. Who is in charge and is any planning being done?

Moultonboro Blogger said...

Anon at 6:41pm: The pathway rebuild has been ongoing. We do work closely with NH DOT, and yes considerable planning has been done. Please contact Donna Kuethe Rec. Dept. Director for specifics.