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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Selectmen Highlights June 2nd 2016

  • At the 6pm work session, the BoS were unanimous after reviewing proposals from various law firms, that Drummond Woodsum Municipal Law Group seemed to be the best fit for Moultonboro. We will invite them to meet with the BoS and hopefully work out an agreement. 
  • It was the consensus of the BoS that the newly redesigned Town website was an improvement and will make accessing information easier and more intuitive. Everything from the old website should be on the new website. 
  • The 2009 military surplus Freightliner 4x4 10 wheeler cab and chassis up-fit with plows, dump body and stainless steel sander was awarded to low bidder Cives Corp. of Lewiston, Me for $67,665. The cost savings to the Town is approximately $32,000.
  • A public hearing will be scheduled for June 16th amending the parking ordinance for the north side of Old Rt 109 for no parking from the intersection with Rt 109 for 250 feet.
  • A proposal from the Lakes Region Planning Commission to provide services of a planner to complete the Master Plan update for the Vision, Land Use and Transportation chapters was approved for an amount not to exceed $13,000 and to waive the bid requirement. The proposal includes a reduction of $11,209 from the LRPC from a transportation planning program grant. 
  • There was a discussion about the cancellation of the Memorial Day parade. The decision was made based upon the best information available about the forecast at the time. After Labor Day, recommendations will be forthcoming about a back up plan for the future should weather again be factor. 

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