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Alexander Hamilton

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Candidate Jeannie Forrester Misrepresenting Her Position

In Tuesday's Citizen, State Senator and Gubernatorial candidate Jeannie Forrester had a letter to the paper extolling "her" legislative accomplishments in the 2016 session. I did not check out how she voted on the other items she mentions, but I do know she voted against extending the Health Protection bill on March 31st 2016. Despite that vote, it passed the Senate by a 16-8 vote. 

As she now campaigns for the Republican nomination for NH Governor, she has performed a very interesting flip-flop-spin that would make an Olympic gymnast envious. Her letter included the following: 
• "Extended the Health Protection Program for another two years, with no increased taxes, no new taxes, and no General Fund dollars use to support the program." 
Approximately 48,000 low-income Granite Staters between the ages of 19 and 65 are enrolled in the New Hampshire Health Protection Program. Medicaid expansion also provides substance abuse benefits for about 6,000 Granite Staters. 


Anonymous said...

Not sure your analysis is entirely accurate. My understanding was that she supported the act subject to an amendment that was defeated.

Moultonboro Blogger said...

She was one of the 8 nay votes on the final ought to pass vote as amended. She should not be touting the bill when she clearly did not support it by voting against it.

read with caution said...

"... a letter to the paper extolling "her" legislative accomplishments in the 2016 session."

That's not ot what the article says.

"Legislature accomplished a great deal in 2016
Guest Columnist"

"In 2016 session, I sponsored/co-sponsored 47 bills, most of which were signed into law by the governor."

"A sampling of some of the legislation includes:"

Care is needed to read anything written by politicians, at all levels.

Moultonboro Blogger said...

Anon at 1056pm- the point is that the reader will not filter anything in her letter, but they will read "Extended the Health Protection Program for another two years, with no increased taxes, no new taxes, and no General Fund dollars use to support the program" it is implying that she supported this legislation, not that she voted against it. It is disingenuous at best and she ought to apologize and correct this as she voted against this important legislation.

still reading with caution said...

The point you make blogger is not, how readers view the article. All politicians spin half-truths, or dichotomies, to color themselves in favorable light. The long list of legislative "ACHIEVEMENTS" is not studied by the non-politician, and most Citizen readers could care less about the published propaganda.

Moultonboro Blogger said...

still- there are many people following the issue of expanded medicaid which I strongly support. Many also followed Forrester's politically expedient flip-flop to satisfy her conservative and Tea Party base. For me, she voted against it plain and simple and should own up to it. Shouldn't we demand honesty from our politicians?