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Alexander Hamilton

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Carroll County 2015 Draft Audit.

The full draft 2015 audit can be found here on the county website.


Fred Van Magness said...

Interesting to see that the county had a surplus of $2.6M......certainly more than the $2.0M additional assessment that they levied on towns. So the supplemental budget amount really was not needed. Wonder when the financial statements will include projections of OPEB as required by GASB45. In addition, it would be interesting to see what current bonds can be called and reissued at lower rates since market rates have been declining for municipal type securities. All of this is fertile ground for review and plans for future implementation. It was also interesting to see that employees can accumulate unused sick and vacation time for payment at retirement. The financial statements should record as at least a memo item what the future obligation amounts are. Still no forensic audits and the issue to the sheriff's office and dispatch that relate to Moultonborough are still open items.

Tom Howard said...


Can't wait for "our" slot on the County Commission to open up; I'll be voting for you. You seem to have some good and viable questions based upon, I assume, professional management experience BMS (Beyond My Scope of financial understanding). Regarding the recall of bonds, why don't you e-mail that question to the County Administrator? Maybe no one has considered that approach and I doubt they will read it here on Moultonborough Speaks.

Anonymous said...

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