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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Carroll County Farm Advisory Committee (FAC) to Make a Presentation July 20th

The Carroll County Farm Advisory Committee (FAC) will make a presentation July 20 at 1pm at the Carroll County Delegation room  95 Water Village Road in Ossipee , at the county complex.

Executive Director Andy Kendall, of the Henry P. Kendall Foundation will share his ideas with the public and Carroll County Commissioners on the best possible uses of the county owned farm and land. 
The Commissioner's ( Babson, Sorensen and Ahlgren) appointed a Farm Subcommittee in early June  to find the best use for this land. The following purposes ( per the June 23rd minutes) were specifically defined: 
1. What should the long-term goals be for this property? 
2. How do we involve all of the various current and potential stakeholders to develop a compelling vision for the property? 
3. How do we make sure the project is viable economically?
4. Are there organizations and people that should be involved in the process that are not currently involved? How do we bring them to the table?
5. What are the opportunities and constraints? 
6. How can we manage this resource to meet the goals and expectations of the various stakeholders? 

The Farm Subcommittee and the Delegation subcommittee are still a bit divergent in terms of who is doing what and which outcome will be the one to move forward for this property. Some movement was made in that direction when the Farm Subcommittee invited the Delegation members to update them at their last meeting in early July. Rep. Comeau believes that the full delegation should hear a presentation and have the opportunity to vote whether or not to support a study.

One issue I have is that the meeting and presentation is at 1pm on a weekday when many are at work. 

The Kendall Foundation has already received a letter of support from the Commissioners and is requiring the same from the Delegation who will not meet again until July 25th before committing energy and resources to this project. The Republican led Delegation has granted Mr. Kendall 5 minutes to present to them at their July 25th meeting. 

The County has a lot on it's plate, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. The budget process will begin in earnest in the next few months and I think it is reasonable as a Moultonboro taxpayer to understand in greater detail how we got to the point of needing supplemental budgets and large increased in our tax burden. 

Perhaps we would already be there if not for the aggressive and abrupt style of Chairperson Umberger and other members of the Executive Committee. That needs to change.  My goal if elected to be your State House Representative, is to work collaboratively with the Commissioners and County team to bring about the best possible bang for our tax dollars. 


State Rep Glenn Cordelli said...

Interesting that Candidate Punturieri on one hand criticizes the "aggressive and abrupt style" of the Delegation Chair but then calls for collaboration.
And then the comment that the "Republican led" (more collaboration) Delegation has granted Mr. Kendall 5 minutes for a presentation at the Delegations July 25th meeting.
I am not sure where Candidate Punturieri got that information. I just returned from vacation today but I know of no plans for Mr. Kendall to attend the Delegation meeting. There will be a discussion of tomorrow's meeting with Mr. Kendall at the meeting. It is my understanding that tomorrow's meeting was scheduled based upon Mr. Kendall's schedule.

Moultonboro Blogger said...

July 14th Carroll County Independent:
" The committee has been granted five minutes on the July 25 meeting agenda to summarize the July 20 presentation. Committee members hope that the delegation will vote on July 25 to support the reportedly free process with a majority vote.

It's an election year and county officials and committee members are acutely aware of that. The now-sitting delegation may support moving forward with the study but nearly every one of the 15-member group is facing opposition in the November election."

Voter said...

Also on page 13 of the July 14th Carroll County Independent:

“We have County assets now that are doing what they should be doing,” said FAC committee member Susan Wiley as campfire wood production, hay production, and blueberry harvesting continue to generate revenue.

The County Farm budget was slashed by $90,000, greatly scaling back the farm operations with no vegetables being planted or field fertilization being done. The Farm Advisory Committee was appointed by the county commissioners to help realize the optimal use of County land."

Campfire wood, hay production, and blueberry harvesting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Optimal use!

May God have mercy on us , now and after November.

Legalize pot, and grow pot on the county farm. Free perquisite for all politicians.

Different crap said...

Today's Conway Sun has an update on the County Farm meeting.The farm expert, Andy Kendall suggests a food Hub. Politics and the elections will have a bearing on the destiny of the Carroll County farm, but other examples, like the Chester County food hub merit some thought.