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Monday, July 25, 2016

Complete Streets Multimodal Event Monday August 29th

What are Complete Streets? 
How can they benefit our communities?

The Lakes Region enjoys a strong base of diverse industries, civic engagement, and a high quality of life.  Creativity, efficiency, and adaptability are hallmarks of both private and public enterprise in the region.

And yet:
  • The population age 65+ in this region will rise from 15% to 34% by 2030. Seniors want to live where they can still be active even after they give up driving.
  • Major employers increasingly tend to locate in communities where their executives want to live: ones that invest in their downtowns, and in recreation, schools, and safety. Low taxes are part of the picture, but far from all of it.
  • 25 to 34 year-olds with a college degree are increasingly moving to places where they don’t have to drive to get to work and entertainment.
  • People are looking for opportunities to live more active lifestyles, as decreased physical activity has been linked to type 2 diabetes, cancer, stroke, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and premature mortality.
  • The annual medical costs for obesity in New Hampshire are estimated at $302 million.
How do we address these needs?  How do we make our streets more inviting and accessible to everyone, whether they arrive in a vehicle, on foot, on a bicycle, or by other means, regardless of age or ability?
On Friday, July 29th, come find out why 663 communities across the nation, and five in New Hampshire, have adopted Complete Streets to increase economic vitality, safety, and public health.  We’ll gather at 9:00 am at the City Hall in Laconia for a light breakfast and a brief presentation with questions, then go outside to see real life examples.  We'll lead one group on foot and on the bus, or you can join the second group on your own bicycle for a short ride, coming back inside to enjoy some refreshments and compare notes.  Wear comfortable shoes and bring a raincoat, just in case!
This event is brought to you by the Bike-Walk Alliance of NHTransport NH and HEAL NH in partnership with Lakes Region Planning Commission.

For more information, contact Rebecca Harris, RLHarris@TransportNH.org.


Anonymous said...

Humm, another Granite State Future "sustainability" boondoggle inspired by the UN's MDGs/SDGs that will cost the taxpayers for things they don't need or want.

When are people going to catch on that this is a clear agenda to get you out of your cars?

Complete Streets is a scam, just say NO, Moltonborough!

Putin anyone? said...

"The Granite State Future program claims they are a “community-based program starting with a public dialogue about what we want for the future of our communities, our regions, and our state.”

"This is a complete lie. The program did NOT start with the community at all. In fact, no one asked for federal government interference, taxes, regulations, or changes in local zoning laws that are inevitable if this plan is not fought and driven out of New Hampshire."

This blog (GSF(s) Blog) will attempt to keep you up to date on all aspects of the Granite State Future program pictured in the header, in small, digestible doses, as it is currently being implemented in New Hampshire, by way of HUD (federal tax dollar) funding to create ‘master plans’ for each town and city."

OK Bernie, where are you?

Moultonboro Blogger said...

OK folks. Time to take off the tin foil hats. The pseudo GSF blog is nothing but ramped up fear mongering without any shred of truth. I have written about this many times. Not one of the many towns and cities that participated in GSF are obligated to do anything. The " complete lie" is the phony GSF web site that does a disservice to NH residents.

Moltonborough watcher said...

Thanks, to another WiKi:

"Note that "tin foil" is a common misnomer for aluminium foil; packaging metal foil was formerly made out of tin before it was replaced with aluminium.

1-""Foil - metallurgy". Encyclopaeda Britannica. Retrieved 17 July 2016."

No, not typos. That's the way "they" spell 'em. Not a conspiracy!
You know, "them".