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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

"People need to comply with the orders of law enforcement officers for their own safety"

This story is a more than a year and a half old, but still presents a valuable lesson. Compliance is by no means the only answer, but it would in all probability prevent some bad things from happening. It doesn't address the issue of fear of police by the black community, or the racial divide,  but from the POV of a cop, it is really a matter of split second decisions. Hesitate too long and you lose.



Moultonboro Blogger said...

"I understand the anger and the frustration and the distrust of law enforcement, but they are not the problem," Williams said. "The problem is the lack of open discussions about the impact of race relations in this country. Black men dying and being forgotten. People are retaliating against the people who are sworn to defend us. We have to come together. And end all this." Dr. Brian H. Williams, a trauma surgeon at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas

Not a Populist said...

OMG ... FOX!

Anonymous said...

Until the police stop using pretexts to stop people, there will be problems. Stopping someone for a burned out tail light in the hope of finding a DWI, drugs a fugitive or worse is what drives police to end up with confrontations.

The same goes for stopping people for minor speed violations. Our Town is one of the worst offenders. moultonboro received the number 1 place in speedtrap.com for 3 years in a row. If one looks at the history of speed limits in Town you would know that Rte 25's speed limit has been reduced in Town from 35 to 30 in the village and 55 to 45 outside of the Neck Road intense action where the limit was lowered from 45 to 35. In addition the last police chief got the State DOT too erase a ton of passing zones with double yellow lines in the name of safety, but let me tell you as along time resident the police have lobbied DOT so they can pull over more people and perhaps find some more people who have been on drugs and or drinking or bust some teen for a having a can of beer.

Maybe this "law and order" approach is beneficial but when poor people are picked up, the ones who have no radar detectors or the ones who aren't sophisticated enough to talk their way out of trouble, they get tickets and worse and then can't pay their fines and end up in debtors prison. No wonder the love for police is so great among the poor and the young.

I doubt this entry will be published because it is part of the truth of the problems we face.

Moultonboro Blogger said...

Anon- I can find no website that ranks Moultonboro at all in terms of speedtraps.The URL you posted goes to a motorcyle company. I am not aware of a "ton" of passing zones being eliminated. The only one I am aware of is down near Center Harbor at Lake Kanasatka.
It wasn't so police can pull more people over. NH DOT as I recall wanted the change for safety purposes. Personally, pulling someone over for a broken tail light and finding that they are impaired and a danger to others on the road is actually a good thing.
I almost did not publish this comment, but not because " it is part of the truth" but to address the inaccuracies.

Anonymous said...


Speed Traps in Moultonborough, New Hampshire
You are currently viewing a listing of speed traps in Moultonborough, New Hampshire. Browse more New Hampshire speed traps.
If you are looking for help with a New Hampshire speeding ticket, visit the NMA list of New Hampshire Traffic Attorneys.

Redding Lane, just off Route 25 Moultonborough, New Hampshire
If you exit Route 25 onto Redding Lane, you will soon reach a sharp turn to the right which descends down a steep hill. The speed limit is 30 mph, though the incline is so steep that heavy application of the brakes is needed to avoid excess speed. Very regularly, there are cops posted on the left side of the road, both at the bottom of the hill and, less frequently, beyond a ridge that follows it. It is very easy to top 30 mph and very easy to be ticketed.

Aug 18, 2010 New Hampshire 0 comments
Vote on this speed trap below:
Yes! This is a speed trap. (9) - No, this is definitely NOT a speed trap. (1)
State Highway Route 25 near Public Safety Building Moultonborough, New Hampshire
The speed limit on Route 25 is 50 MPH until you get to downtown Moultonboro. It comes up fast after the road curves and the reduced speed limit of 30 MPH is poorly marked. The Moultonboro police wait just around the bend and pull you over. Most victims are tourists in this vacation destination so they are less likely to fight the violation in court. I did and was able to reduce the penalty. This reduced speed limit is not necessary and is primarily a "revenue enhancement" for the local budget.

Oct 31, 2007 New Hampshire 3 comments
Vote on this speed trap below:
Yes! This is a speed trap. (28) - No, this is definitely NOT a speed trap. (10)
Moultonborough Neck Road Moultonborough, New Hampshire
I saw the cop about 300 yards before JoJo's Store, as you are going down the hill where the speed limit is 40 mph.

Aug 26, 2007 New Hampshire 0 comments
Vote on this speed trap below:
Yes! This is a speed trap. (19) - No, this is definitely NOT a speed trap. (7)
State Route 25 near Moultonborough Village Moultonborough, New Hampshire
Speed traps on Route 25 in Moultonborough Village are relentless especially in the area of the elementary school. The cops are out there EVERY day. I have seen as many as 3 cop cars running radar in this area at the same time. The speed limit here is 30 but if you are doing 35 you are going to get stopped. Another area to watch is Moultonboro Neck Road. The local cops constantly ticket people on this road.

Feb 1, 2005 New Hampshire 1 comments
Vote on this speed trap below:
Yes! This is a speed trap. (25) - No, this is definitely NOT a speed trap. (4)
All roads Moultonborough, New Hampshire
Police are ticket happy in this area because of the tourism (thats what they say, anyway).

Mar 1, 2000 New Hampshire 0 comments
Vote on this speed trap below:
Yes! This is a speed trap. (17) - No, this is definitely NOT a speed trap. (6)
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Smokey said...

Driving a vehicle on public roads is not a right, it's a "privilege"! Law violations are just that, violations. Don't like the rules don't drive! This may be the site that's is misquoted:

The site ".org" not ".com" may be the misinformation.

Moultonboro Blogger said...

Anon at 10pm- what you quoted are the opinions of a handful of people with nothing more recent than 6 years ago and as old as 11 years and no reference to being the #1 speed trap three years ( or any years) in a row.

Anonymous said...

Ancient history. Your speed trap comments do not reflect the changes of the past few years with the present chief.

Anonymous said...

Redding Lane speed trap is a sham.....police are there specifically on weekends to ticket vacationers and weekenders. They are never there all week long to ticket the contractors etc. who never pay any attention to the speeds. Trying to maintain a 30 MPH speed on that hill is very difficult. From what I observe, people drive this road sanely, but the speed trap is a real slap in the face............ Don't tell me that the police are not targeting folks here.

Moultonboro Blogger said...

I ride up and down that area every day of the week all different hours of the day and night and most people do not drive the speed limit down the hill to Center Harbor and I haven't seen an unusual police presence. If you talk to Chief Wetherbee you will find that his style is not to target anyone nor is it to increase the amount of tickets written.

Anonymous said...

The hill on 25B is in Center Harbor not Moultonboro Mr. Blogger.

Moultonboro Blogger said...

Referring to the hill near A&B Lumber down to Center Harbor.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if the pace of cars and virtually everyone exceeds the speed limit, the limit ought to be corrected to reflect reality. Even the limit on 93 was upped from 65 to 70 to reflect more reality.

The issue in the blog posting was trust of police and the discussion now is centered on details of speed, but the problem rests with the opportunity of police to stop "violators" for petty reasons and use those pre-textual stops to find other bigger violations that result in police confrontations such as in Minn.

Maybe we ought to start looking at some of the Town's unrealistic limits to adjust them to reality. On many of the roads mentioned there is no safety issue.

An example I see all the time is the 30 mile limit in the village, past the school. Used to not be that far west, but the former Chief lobbied DOT to move it westward. Result is that when you pass the school going west on 25 you are going much faster than the limit down the hill and the police sit in the parking lot of Magic Chef regularly to stop traffic going 35 or so. Much more so than at Center Harbor, where there maybe is a jurisdictional question between the two police depts.

I often wonder why if we pay State taxes and for the State Police, why our local police are almost always on the State Highways. instead of local roads, or perhaps we don't need so many local police?

Anarchy said...

Amazing how times change!

Obama: ‘If They Bring a Knife to the Fight, We Bring a Gun’
By WSJ Staff
Jun 14, 2008 1:29 pm ET

Anonymous said...

LOL, funny how some feel that the police are assumed to be at fault for us not obeying the current laws! Did I see another post about "Muslims" not obeying "our" laws? =O

Moultonboro Blogger said...

Disobeying "laws" knows no religious or political bounds.