"Real liberty is neither found in despotism or the extremes of democracy, but in moderate governments.
Alexander Hamilton

Monday, July 4, 2016

The Race is On

Great day for a parade and a great way to celebrate America's birthday.
It's also the perfect day to formally announce my candidacy to be your NH House Representative for  Carroll County District 4. Our district is comprised of Moultonboro, Sandwich and Tuftonboro.

I am running to restore some common sense problem solving to Concord and help make our NH Legislature work once again for the people they are supposed to represent. All the people.

 One way I will do that is by being there for every House session, for every vote and every committee meeting. You can't represent your constituents by missing important votes and committee meetings.
I will also do that by opposing politics as usual and the extremism that has nearly brought Concord to a standstill.

I will reach across the aisle in Concord to problem solve on your behalf. I will work collaboratively with our County Commissioners to end the bickering by the Republican led Delegation and help the County continue it's forward progress. I will also work to assure that Moultonboro gets its money's worth for all our tax dollars, whether in Concord or in Ossipee.

New Hampshire has many problems, but it also has many positives. We can do better, however. We will by electing leaders that prefer to focus on what is good and positive in our great State and by learning to tune out the naysayers and purveyors of gloom and doom. We will defeat the constant barrage of negativity with continued positive results.
I intend to fight to prioritize the things we need to do to continue to grow our economy and keep unemployment low while balancing the budget. I will not support a general sales or income tax.

Thank you and I look forward to working hard on behalf of all citizens in our district.

For more information check my Facebook page frequently and Twitter as well as my website.