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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Wetland and the Lions Club Property

There was a discussion of wetlands at the Lions Club property and whether they were ever delineated at last Thursday's BoS meeting. I remembered seeing a drawing depicting wetlands and it took some digging, but I found this from way back in 2010 when the Town had proposed a site plan for the future development of the Lions Club property. Not the best picture, but Town Engineer  KV Partners noted the areas outlined in green to be wetlands and the small area in red as areas proposed to be filled in if the project went forward.  As you can see, a good chunk of the 18+  acres is indeed wetlands. I don't recall who delineated the wetlands , but we did spend a fair amount of money in 2009 to study the property. I do know that no NH DES permits were sought.
In addition, numerous test wells were dug on the property and the water table was only about 42" below the surface in the area ( shaded) where the soccer field was proposed.
The Community Garden to my knowledge has not experienced issues with water runoff or flooding save for a few plots that do not drain well and after heavy rain are very muddy.

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Joseph Cormier said...

Looking at the plan, it looks like the blue/green area is the treed area. If Lincoln Drive is recognized as the “northern part" of the property (running parallel with east/west Rt.25) all of that areas seems to slope toward Rt.25, usually indicating that gravity helps drain the surface area. More surprising, is the area (gazebo area) running towards Rt.109, that is flat and cleared, is not designated as wetland, as might be expected, especially during the spring runoffs.

The present NWI Wetland Map in the “attributes section” of the town GIS/TAX map shows no wetlands on this property. Water tables vary with other considerations, and as well as different times of the year. Reasoning for drainage, “fill and build-up”, not “dig down” practices by learned builders and excavators. Some of us that live on an island have made use of these contractors.

Couldn’t find too much on KV partners :
“Kv Partners LLC
38 Sprucewood Drive
Gilford, NH 03249
Phone: (603) 491-3136
Kv Partners LLC
A privately held company in Gilford, NH. Is this your business? Claim This Profile
Categorized under Associations. Our records show it was established in 2010 and incorporated in New Hampshire. Current estimates show this company has an annual revenue of 110000 and employs a staff of approximately 2."

"On-Call Engineering Services, Moultonborough NH:
KVPartners is serving as the Town Engineer under a multi-year indefinite delivery order contract for the Town of Moultonborough. KVPartners is assisting the Town in the planning, design and construction of municipal building upgrades, recreation fields, sidewalks/pathways, boat ramps and roadway improvements. KVPartners is also providing permitting, regulatory compliance and peer review services."


Were they hired by the previous TA?

Are they, or did they make use of certified wetland scientists, as defined by state statute RSA 310-A:76? Are they members of, or did they make use of the NHANRS (NH Association of Natural Resource Scientists)?

Which is correct, their plan, or the new town database in the attributes section of the town GIS/Tax database that shows no wetland. Surface water in the Spring doesn’t define wetland.

"310-A:75 Purpose. – The general court finds it in the best interests of the citizens of the state of New Hampshire to establish the board of natural scientists to certify and regulate the professions of soil scientists and wetland scientists. This certification is to guard the citizens of New Hampshire and the professions from unqualified practitioners of soil science and wetland science and to foster intelligent application of the knowledge of soil properties and wetland characteristics in planning and implementing land use decisions consistent with New Hampshire department of environmental services rules or standards adopted by the board.
Source. 1988, 281:1. 1997, 240:1, eff. July 1, 1997."

If the town is going to do something with this property, even maybe selling it, doesn't it behoove the town to get at least a better certified idea, in accordance with NH DES opinion, on what it owns, regarding wetland? The NH DES can be contacted by the town and asked for an opinion.

At least tell the taxpayers why the town website indicates one thing, and there's all this talk about the Lions Club is wetland.

Thank you for the post.