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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Additional Information on Carroll County Executive Committee

I heard via email from Commissioner Babson who offered some additional information and was in attendance at the recent delegation meeting.
Carroll County is the only county where the entire delegation is the actual Executive Committee. Representative's Umberger (r)Cordelli (r), Avelini (r) ,McConkey (r) and McCarthy (r) are another  "executive committee" whose sole purpose is to approve line item budget transfers. 

From the December 7th 2015 Delegation minutes (my highlights):
Executive Committee Funding Transfer Procedures Rep. Umberger read the procedure into the record: 
1. The County Administrator shall forward all intra-departmental funding transfer requests over $1,000 to the Chairman
2. The County Administrator shall forward all inter-departmental funding transfer requests to the Chairman. 
3. The Chairman will distribute the requests to the other members of the Executive Committee. 
4. Once each month the Executive Committee will meet to determine whether or not to approve the transfers. 
5. Three members of the Executive Committee will constitute a quorum. 
6. Executive Committee members will be paid mileage for attendance at the meetings that do not coincide with Delegation meetings.
7. The Executive Committee may meet in Concord on House session days or whenever a minimum of three members are available. 
Rep. Ticehurst pointed out that the delegation previously passed a motion that the whole delegation serves as the executive committee. Therefore, according to law, the entire delegation must approve line item transfers. Rep. Umberger pointed out that the delegation passed a subsequent motion to appoint a five-member executive committee to handle line-item transfers.

Chairperson Umberger is no stranger to violations of the Right to Know law. At the delegation meeting on October 19th 2015 ,the minutes state ( my highlights): "Rep. Ticehurst said she would like to receive notice of line item under consideration. She also asked for a list of all transfers to date. Rep. Umberger said the three-member committee makes decisions via email discussion. She agreed to forward the transfer requests to anyone who would like to be included. The size of the executive committee will be increased to five members. Seeing no objection, Rep. Cordelli and Rep. Avellani will be added to the committee."
It would seem that a quorum of this Jr. executive committee had somehow communicated about the additional agenda topics as the members seemed prepared to discuss it. Chairperson Umberger should follow her own procedures and not allow "pet" issues to be on the table when the entire delegation is unaware of it.
When this Jr. executive committee met and the discussion went from the brief discussion of the line item transfers and then to the audit and finally the flower garden, commissioner Babson had enough. "I walked out when the discussion of the flower garden came up because I had had enough of the "executive committees" shenanigans."
Lastly, he had this to say about his time as a county commissioner: " It is a sore point with me that people keep saying the "commissioners did this or that" when I was not even in  office.  Very few people know of the changes or good things that I have done for the county since I was sworn in. For instance I was the one that discovered no audits had been done. I paid for my salary for the two years with just two errors I found in bills from hospitals.  I instituted a system that assured that bank accounts got balanced which was not happening.  There are other things but not as significant as those mentioned."

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Correction: Ed Butler(d) is the 5th member, not Rep McCarthy