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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Carroll County Commissioner's Approve Focused Audit

According to the August 10th 2016 Carroll County Commissioner's meeting minutes,
"The 20 questions posed by the delegation to be audited have been narrowed down to the following 12 questions by Ken and Chuck to be answered by MelansonHeath. This process should take 3-4 months and cost about $20,000.00"
This is far less costly than the $140K or so for a complete so called forensic audit,but should adequately answer the most pertinent questions to determine the reasons behind the 2015 budget shortfalls.
(100.4000.30 is a revenue line item for Insurance Refunds,300.2000.100 is Unexpended Balance- Building Project and 300.2000.105 Unexpended Balance-Parsons+ Beane CD'S)


Fred Van Magness said...

At least they did something positive instead of worrying about who was picking the Blueberry crop (see prior minutes). Some of the items requested seem so simple for the hired folks at the county to ferret out, such as item #11. But apparently they are so unskilled or cannot be trusted to provide the facts that we have to hire outside help. Time for a major housecleaning!!

Ken Robichaud said...

As you probably are aware, the auditor does not have the documents readily available to them, as we will be providing most of the required documentation to the auditor. We could answer most of the questions ourselves. Unfortunently; the sad reality is, the county convention would most likely not accept any of the county's responses without question, unless it comes from the auditor.

Moultonboro Blogger said...

I am glad to see that we can get some answers to what happened to the bottom line and at a cost that is far less than the Delegation wanted to spend on a witch hunt. This could have been resolved much sooner. I am also in favor of an independent look at these questions as some on the Delegation just won't believe any answers from the County and I bet probably won't accept some of the independent auditors answers. Time to get the answers, fix the problems and move on.

Tom Howard said...

Thanks, Mr. Robichaud, for responding. You likely could help clarify some of Mr. Van Magness' earlier questions about various County business items; perhaps he has already been in touch as I suggested to inquire about revisiting county bond rates. He's got some good ideas, so treat him right and we'll vote him onto the Commission as soon as our seat is contested.