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Alexander Hamilton

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Carroll County Delegation Member McConkey(r) Bids on a County Project? Poor Judgment.

Mark McConkey (r) Freedom, was one of three bidders on a small county project , a pole barn, eventually awarded to Gene Menard of Loudon, NH. for $3,128.01. McConkey is the owner of McConkey Construction in Freedom and is also Vice Chair of the County Delegation. The county delegation, is responsible for the budget appropriations for the operation of county government.
There is no legal restriction on Delegation members bidding on County projects, but it just strikes me as something a Delegation member ought not do considering that he has one of the 15 votes to approve budgets and line item transfers.... and is a member of the Executive committee.
What were you thinking Mark?
Just seems to me to be poor judgment by a sitting member of the General Court and it should raise some red flags for voters in Carroll County district 03.


Anonymous said...

Agree blogger. Very bad in appearance.

Suzy in Kona said...

Any different than our former DPW Director bidding on surplus equipment or serving as a private plow contractor under his direction? I think not.

Moultonboro Blogger said...

Very different actually. The Road Agent in NH has a legal responsibility to keep our roads open in the winter and there is a lot of leeway in how this is accomplished. There have been times when there are simply not enough private contractors to get the job done at the rate we pay. I asked the same question a few years back and that was the answer. Scott has been out plowing roads many, many times for many hours when there was no one else and did an admirable job as our road agent.
As for surplus equipment, anyone can bid. Selectmen included. The purpose is to get some money for items that would be given away or trashed.
McConkey did not do anything illegal, but as a person who approves the county budget, he should not be trying to take money from the county as a contractor. Apples and oranges.

Anonymous said...

I found Scott to be very attentive and straightforward when responding to inquiries. One issue that remains confusing, as I drive down many beautifully restored 'roads to nowhere', is how the NH DOT and our Moultonborough representatives categorize one of Moultonborough's most important thoroughfares...Moultonborough Neck Road. Categorized as one of our least important, in a town that relies on its over $2 Billion property assessments, I was informed by our town officials that much more than 50% of these properties require a trip down Moultonborough Neck Road to get home. As our forward looking leaders assume that our future property tax assessments will continue to increase and enable a wish list of projects to get funded, please consider the impact worsening potholes etc will have on impressionable potential high-end home buyers.
PS. Our former road agent indicated that the already failing patch job on the end of Long Island is precisely the penny wise, dollar foolish method of road repair, 'do it right and it lasts for 20 years, for considerably less money than constant patching over time'. Would appreciate any updates, Blogger, thanks!