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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Carroll County Enrollment Stats: Why We Must Make Medicaid Expansion Permanent

NH Executive Councilor Colin Van Ostern, who is running for the Democratic party nomination for Governor, compiled statistics in this article  on how NH expanded Medicaid has benefited Carroll County NH Hampshire residents. He drilled it right down to the level of each town by NH House district .

  •  49,660 New Hampshire residents now have coverage, achieved with no new state taxes.
  • Carroll County: 2,457 Enrolled

HOUSE DISTRICT 4: 303 Enrolled
  • Moultonborough – 158
  • Sandwich – 55
  • Tuftonboro – 90

In addition as the article states:

  • Hospitals reported 27% fewer uninsured Emergency Room visits in New Hampshire last year
  • Over $600 million in health care coverage has returned to NH as a result of the program
  • New benefit has already been used by thousands for drug addiction & treatment services
Wilton Rep. Frank Edelblut (R)  says he would not reauthorize Medicaid expansion if elected governor. Republican Sen. Jeanie Forrester after announcing her gubernatorial bid ,voted against the Medicaid expansion bill. In July 2014, Executive Councilor Sununu(R) was one of two councilors to vote against a $292 million contract that would allow Medicaid expansion, to begin Sept. 1.

Locally, Rep. Cordelli(R)  voted against Medicaid Expansion keeping in line with the Koch brothers Americans for Prosperity who granted him a 100% on their 2016 score card.  Medicaid expansion was ultimately approved by the NH House 216-145 in a rare bipartisan effort. Rep.'s Crawford (R) and Wright (R) voted in favor. 


Anonymous said...

Short sighted buffoonery.

Moultonboro Blogger said...

Ah yes, anon, short on facts so resort to " denial, denial.."

Tom Howard said...

Thank you, MB, for providing these informative statistics. Thanks, too, to Reps Crawford and Wright for voting in favor of continuing the Medicaid expansion.