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Alexander Hamilton

Sunday, August 14, 2016

House Republican Majority Caucus Evicted from Concord Office for Non Payment of Rent

Very interesting story in the Concord Monitor. Former NH House Speaker, Bill O'Brien(r) and  Rep. Steve Stepanek(r)  set up shop in an office in Concord in March 2015 after a revolt of sorts after O'Brien was ousted as House Speaker, replaced by Rep. Shawn Jasper (r) in 2014. Seems that they have stopped paying the rent, nearly $8,000, and the landlord wants his property back. According to the article, the House Republican Majority Caucus was formed by O'Brien  "after losing a bitter speaker’s race in 2014 to fellow Republican Shawn Jasper. The caucus staked a claim as the true House conservatives and pledged to fight against Medicaid expansion and efforts to increase taxes or fees."  The House Republican Victory PAC has not filed a financial report with the NH Sec. of State since November of 2014. 

O'Brien once compared the Affordable Care Act with the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 during a Koch brothers funded Americans for Prosperity rally in September 2013. He also has been quoted as saying " gays are seeking to destroy society" and student voters are " foolish".Here are some of the "fiscally responsible" 2010-12 state budget cuts championed by the Republican House majority:

  • Cut payments to all but Critical Access hospitals for uncompensated care by over $230 million forcing hospitals to raise fees, 
  • Cut off a major source of funds for hospital support of the Community Health Centers that provide a major share of medical care to those who lack health insurance, 
  • Reduced mental health service payments by over $55 million, 
  • Cut family support services for the disabled so that they can live at home by $3.5 million,
  • Cut funding for brain injured by $33 million.  
  • Reduced $16 million from for Medicaid medical services 
  • Eliminated the Children in Need of Services program that diverts children from the courts into treatment, counseling, and rehabilitation.
The good news is that neither O'Brien or Stepanek are seeking re-election.

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