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Alexander Hamilton

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Joint Legislative Fiscal Committee Blocks The Proposal That Is Strongly Supported by New Hampshire’s Business Community

As New Hampshire's unemployment rate hovers at a very low 2.8%, our work force is aging at a faster than average rate, and young workers do not have the skills to fill the voids."Announced in Governor Hassan’s State of the State Address, Gateway to Work will re purpose existing federal funds to help New Hampshire’s citizens succeed in the workforce by strengthening job training, creating new partnerships between community colleges and businesses for apprenticeship opportunities, helping remove the barriers that cause too many citizens to fail in the workplace, and helping young people in the Granite State get a leg up on their futures."
The proposal was defeated by the Republican majority on the Fiscal Committee.
According to an article in the Union Leader "Gateway to Work has been widely supported by the business community and has been endorsed by the Business and Industry Association as a way to address the mismatch between job openings and worker skills."
The proposal was left on the table for three consecutive months by the Republican controlled committee and denied an up or down vote. 
NH Labor News  had this to say about the blocked proposal: "By continuing to block programs like the “Gateway to Work,”  Republicans in Concord are showing that they are less interested in doing what is best for working people and businesses in New Hampshire and more interested in chasing wild conspiracy theories from doctored videos and sticking to their partisan opposition to Governor Hassan.
Republicans routinely complain about having too many people “living off the system” on public assistance and yet oppose one of the strongest proposals to help people “pull themselves up by their bootstraps” by providing them with the skills necessary to find a lasting career that will help lift them out of poverty."

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