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Alexander Hamilton

Friday, August 19, 2016

No Don, It was not sarcasm. It was lies.

Don Ewing, a local Tea Party spokesperson and frequent letter writer, has yet another letter in the local papers, attempting to explain Donald Trump's repeated comments that President Obama was the founder of ISIS as mere "sarcasm."  His opinion is that any " rational" person could see that. I like to think that I am a rational person. I couldn't. I did not hear what he said as sarcasm. I heard revisionist history based upon continued lies in an attempt to ramp up his ongoing campaign of fear and hatred.
Ewing attempts to explain away Trump's words as " sarcasm" and then continues along with the same lies that Trump is spewing by saying "President Obama and Hillary Clinton founded ISIS in the sense that their policies, neglect, and assistance enabled ISIS to become a well-armed, well-trained, wealthy, and effective fighting force." His rationale for this statement was because "President Obama pulled American forces out of a stable Iraq.  We know Iraq was stable because President Obama, Vice-President Biden, and other leaders told us so."
The facts, so often elusive to our Tea Party friends, are not as presented by Trump or Ewing, who not so coincidentally also find facts to be a bit troublesome.
President George W. Bush signed an agreement, known as the Status of Forces Agreement, in 2008 that said: “All the United States Forces shall withdraw from all Iraqi territory no later than December 31, 2011."  Repeat after me Don: the decision to leave Iraq by that date was not actually taken by President Obama. It was taken by President George W. Bush, and by the Iraqi government. 
President George W. Bush invaded Iraq way back in 2003, based upon still un-found " weapons of mass destruction" and without any thought whatsoever as to an exit strategy or how to replace Saddam Hussein and the region spiraled downhill from there.  

So no Don, President Obama and Hillary Clinton  did not " essentially" found the current version of ISIS. But then, I guess maybe you were being sarcastic? 

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Dave A. Rossetti said...

Blogger, two of your statements are true, No "weapons of mass destruction" were ever found, and Obama campaigned on "bringing the boys home immediately".
Republican-Democrat, it's all noise designed to keep the people busy while the real business of the day takes place.
It is my understanding that there were two nations who refused to sign onto "OPEC". After years of strong-arming these two nations a different approach was taken for each of them. Can you guess which nations I refer to? (HINT), they both enjoyed modern conveniences and lifestyles, they both have suffered collapsed economies, they both suffer from in-fighting, They both are starving and crime ridden currently.
There are lots of videos of the 15 foot hole in the pentagon and the DET charges going off in tower 7. And then there was the "Patriot Act". Any of this sound familiar yet?
The masses are medicated into denial and delusion. They call anybody aware "Tea Baggers", conspiracy theorists, nut-jobs, and the absolute worst of all----"Constitutionalists". Heaven forbid that someone may actually expect a government designed to operate by "RULE OF LAW" (a Republic with a Constitution)(and no, we are not a "Democracy"). But like Obama said, "That is an out-dated document". So, who really cares what Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton have to say in the short term as it is all noise.
Let's focus on performance data and base our choices on real outcomes and not the banging drums of talking heads paid to tow corporate philosophies and agendas in an attempt to bait and switch....