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Monday, August 15, 2016

Old 109 Intersection

The BoS last Thursday discussed the work on the Old 109 intersection which is nearly complete. The issue is whether the intersection proposed to be a “T” intersection, is really a “T” and whether the design will truly keep vehicles from making rapid turns onto Old 109. 
The intersection is on a state roadway so it has to be designed to handle a turn by a 50’ truck. To accommodate that, the opening to Old 109 had to have a bit of a radius.
KV Partners will have the surveyor stake out the edges of where the pavement will go so that we can get a better feel  for whether it will meet it’s intended purpose. Optionally, KV Partners could go back to the NH DOT and ask for a design change eliminating or reducing the radius, but Ray Korber of KV Partners was not optimistic that it would be successful, nor would it be the optimal way to design the intersection. 

In any event, the sub-contractor for the paving part of the project is a little behind schedule, but we do expect that before too long the project will be completed. 


Eric Taussig said...

Putting aside the merits of the T intersection, this is the longest construction project around here in years where absolutely nothing was done. To put in mildly, "everyone was sitting on their shovels". Further, to characterize this as "a little behind schedule" is a laugh.

I know that the BoS blames Fair Point for not moving the telephone pole, but all of the mess and the really much more dangerous intersection created by the partial construction and removal of pavement and the ramp type entrance that has served the Town well for several decades, could have been avoided by appropriate planning, which in my view was lacking. Why if Fair Point was not going to move the poles, did the work even start???

And now to now have to go back to KV to find the correct radius, or worse wait for a dispensation from the DOT, just magnifies the poor planning for this project, which many probably wonder if it was necessary and is really be an improvement.

Anonymous said...

Some people like to complain just for the heck of it. This intersection, while important for the folks that live in that area, is not worthy of the rhetoric of blaming the BoS or whoever else some can point fingers at. Let's just be grateful that it is nearly over and will be an improvement despite what some people think.