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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Please Consider A Donation for the Lee's Pond Preserve

You may have noticed the new sign on Route 25 advertising fund raising activities for the Lee's Pond Preserve. More information can be found on the Lee's Pond Preserve website.
The property borders sensitive wetlands and has about 20 miles of river and streams that babble through and around these wetlands.
Moultonboro has approximately 7,772 acres of conserved land and 4,616 acres of wetland according to NH Granit.
Preserving this land is consistent with the Master Plan to preserve our rural character.

"To donate, call Moultonborough Town Hall at (603) 476-2347 and ask about the Lee’s Pond Preserve. Hours are M-F, 9-12 and 1-4. You will be connected with a member of the fund raising committee. You can also send email to info@leespondpreserve.com
Lee’s Pond Preserve, is 37 acres of undeveloped land in Moultonborough, NH, in a high-priority conservation area. Donations are needed to complete a purchase and sale agreement, signed by the Moultonborough Conservation Commission in early 2016. Once $335,000 is raised, the land will be placed into a conservation trust and protected from development forever. We need your help to raise the funds!

The Lee’s Pond Preserve is located at map lot 76/4. It can be viewed on the town’s GIS system, by searching for property 0760004000 at this link.The  property has over 3000 feet of shoreline along the Red Hill River and Lee’s Pond marshland. It provides diverse wildlife habitats and corridors, borders sensitive wetlands and has historical value.  In the 1800’s, this area was the thriving village of Moultonborough Falls.  Historic photographs show a number of buildings along a dirt road, and cleared land that is much different than what we see today."

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