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Saturday, August 6, 2016

What about Kelly Ayotte's emails?

I wrote this post in 2010. Remember the FRM scandal?

Former NH Attorney General Kelly Ayotte ,who is making a Republican run for the US Senate,  ruled as AG in July of 2009 that "an electronic record is deleted but remains in the "delete" file or on a back up system, it would be considered "legally deleted" and would be "properly treated as no longer subject to disclosure" under the right to know law. "

She  has come under a good deal of scrutiny in regard to how her office handled the Financial Resource Management (FRM) meltdown, particularly since her emails were deleted when she left office. She left office one week after she made the RTK ruling and then filed as a Republican candidate for the US Senate.
Now that the heat is on and some folks are even calling for an independent council to investigate, Ms. Ayotte is all for releasing her emails... including those that may have been deleted and stored on a backup server if any can be found.
“With today’s announcement, we now know that the vast majority of e-mails from Kelly Ayotte’s time as attorney general have been permanently deleted, and that lingering questions about her tenure remain unanswered. How many of the backup tapes containing Ayotte’s deleted e-mails were erased because of the policy she put in place?”Mark Bergman, Communications Director for Congressman Paul Hodes(D)


Anonymous said...

Regarding the FRM scandal; it was my belief that those involved plead guilty and were sent to prison. My perception may not be detailed however if justice was served, would those emails still be relevant?

Tom Howard said...

Justice served? Many people lost their life savings through the fraud of Financial Resources mis-Management; and tragically, some were unable to cope with that loss. I, for one, will stick with "relevant".