"Real liberty is neither found in despotism or the extremes of democracy, but in moderate governments.
Alexander Hamilton

Sunday, August 21, 2016

"What the Hell Do They Have to Lose?"

That was Donald Trump's question to African Americans a few days ago seeking their vote. He specifically mentioned Detroit so the President of the Detroit NAACP responded with a very strong statement ( the full version can be found here).
Here are a few excerpts:

  • We have the potential to lose the gains we have made in voting rights, civil rights, and human rights, if we go back to the time, whenever that was, according to Mr. Trump, when America was Great Again. 
  • We have the possibility of losing the opportunity to gain new seats on the US Supreme Court, which can finally come to a balanced and more equitable system of justice for all Americans. 
  • We have the potential to lose our international standing among the world of nations, when it comes to cooperating with and standing next to an American President that can speak with one voice on crises of the world. 
  • We have the potential to lose health care, that has now been provided for millions of whites and black who before Obama Care had no access to health care. 
  • We have the potential to lose higher wages and income equality, based on Mr. Trumps own acknowledgement that he does not support a livable wage for people in our nation. 
  • We have the potential to lose the gains made by a US auto industry that was saved and given another chance at life, by a President who understood the need for a hand up, not a hand out to prevent the collapse of this industry. 
The letter also refers to numerous racist statements attributed to Donald Trump in his casino days and  possible discrimination in his and his fathers real estate matters.  The statement is well worth the read, because it speaks to the character of Donald Trump who has never demonstrated that he has the moral fiber to be the leader of the free world.
And yet, there are  people that would rather vote for him as they could never vote for Hillary Clinton. They continually overlook his many short comings and character flaws as well as his total lack of experience because they believe that we would be better off with P.T. Barnum as President. 

We need to move back to some middle ground in this country with leaders willing to compromise and solve problems and not govern solely by ideology. We can't afford four more years of obstructionism and political gamesmanship.

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For Hillary said...

I can find no one who doesn't make a funny face when I ask are you voting for Trump? Funny how the Tea Partiers who wanted Ted Cruz totally demoralized by Trump in the primaries, no support Trump. They call themselves patriots? How could they even think of inflicting Trump on our nation. There is but one choice come November: Hillary R. Clinton.
I'm guessing you probably won't run out of Fox funnies any time soon. Nice touch!