"Real liberty is neither found in despotism or the extremes of democracy, but in moderate governments.
Alexander Hamilton

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Belknap County House Candidate For a Military Coup

Putting aside the strong political leanings existent today in our country, not much that is said or written shocks us anymore. Or so I thought. Jim McCoole, a Republican candidate for one of the four seats in the New Hampshire House of Representatives representing the city of Laconia in a letter to the Laconia Daily Sun last week said that “Since his (Obama’s) re-election in 2012, I have been hoping that out of the thousands of generals and admirals in our military, that just a small handful would emerge with enough courage and conviction, to take him into custody, and make him stand trial for treason.”
Reported Michael Kitch of the Laconia Daily Sun took on the topic in today’s edition and spoke to McCoole, who was largely unapologetic and  denied he was making a serious threat, but when confronted denied his own words and said it was “ totally rhetorical.” "I would definitely want some way or other for Obama to be removed from office, but I would not support a coup. I'm not suggesting we take over the government by force."

The problem Jim is that you did write those words. You wrote a letter, presumably read what you wrote and stated clearly what your intent was and then emailed it in. This was not sarcasm or innuendo or rhetoric. 
His excuse: fear of  being labeled a “ nutcase.”
Now some will argue for his right of free speech, which I in fact agree with. People can say just about anything they want no matter how stupid or ignorant or even if it makes one look like a nutcase. 

His statement though of military removal  of a sitting President , while a candidate for the General Court is very troubling. He misses quite a few steps in the legal and democratic process, you know Jim, ( or maybe you don’t?) the thing that makes us the great and free country that we are. 
Some I am certain will see this as a purely partisan issue and want to let him slide or feel any critical comments are biased. They are not and I would make the same argument no matter the party or President. No one should let this slide especially his own party leadership. Or Jim McCoole.

We have had way too much of that "brushing aside" the past few years and it is damaging the heart and soul of this country. 
McCoole is not fit in my opinion to run for office and become a lawmaker and he should withdraw his candidacy.
He ended his letter with a biblical quote from the book of James 3:1, which says, "... not many of you should become teachers, because we who teach in the church will be judged by God with stricter judgment." "What if the same principle also applies to political leaders..."
It does Jim and it also applies to those that aspire to be political leaders. 


Moultonboro Blogger said...

A very good letter in today's LDS in response to McCoole's letter. http://laconiadailysun.com/opinion/letters/98342-jeremy-kercheval-9-26-510

Very well stated.

Dave Rossetti said...

Some people are just more guilty than others. I too agree that barrack Obama is a traitor to the Republic of the United States of America. I believe he should be arrested and convicted of high treason. It would be my understanding that the only entity legally permitted to preform the a fore mentioned arrest would be a sheriff.
I don't think a "military coup" is the right choice as it would leave us with an oligarchy and in a worse position than we are now.
I do think that Jim McCoole is most likely as frustrated as many of American are to see the blatant disregard for the Constitution, it's intent and purpose. We are not a democracy nor a kingdom, we were/are supposed to be a Republic where rule of law prevails, not "executive orders" to circumvent Congress.
So in closing, I don't believe Jim has violence on the mind. He, like many of us, has had enough of the lies, deceptions, and total disregard for the will of the people and rule of law that Barrack Obama has taken an oath to represent and defend.

Moultonboro Blogger said...

Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but I would strongly disagree with you and McCoole. History will determine the legacy, but getting to the truth and to rational, logical fact finding has become nearly impossible. A line is spoken on the " news" it gets posted to Facebook, retweeted many times and before long, it becomes " fact."
Of concern is how readily some can forgive and even defend Trumps constant lies, misogny, hateful speech, racism and much more and think that his presidency will make their lives better. We need a lot more than " believe me, trust me, it will be wonderful"..ad nauseum. Of even more concern is how quickly we forget the past and the actions of many many presidents and too quickly use the term " the worst" ever.
I believe that our country is great danger due to the wide chasm created by extreme ideologies with little hope of closing the gap.

Anonymous said...

All I can say to the Rossetti comment is wow. I'd like to hear the reasons behind his thinking although I think the words reason and thinking are oxymorons in this case.