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Friday, September 23, 2016

BoS Worksession Highlights

  • The New Hampshire Municipal Association Legislative Policy conference is today and the BoS over the past few weeks have weighed in on how they would like our delegate, Walter Johnson, to vote. The results were tallied, the floor proposals were discussed and voted upon and Moultonboro will have its votes counted.
  • The Employee Personnel Policy and Procedures Manual was revised and changes were reviewed. The manual was reviewed by counsel and PRIMEX. No major changes were made to the policies. 
  • The "new" Old 109 Route 25 intersection and road was looked at by our DPW director and Chief Wetherbee and some recommended minor changes were made, such as reducing the speed limit to 25 mph from the current 30 mph. Stop signs were not recommended at his time at the Lees Road intersection. as there may be a number of deficiencies in the area that would not qualify it for a stop sign. More study will be needed, but the BoS agreed that the roadway delineators at the intersection have been a big help. 
  • The Convention of Committees will be held at the Library on October 24th at 6pm, not the Lions Club. Format will be participatory and the BoS will be there to listen and answer questions. 

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Scratching My Head said...

Seems to me that unless a formal study is done or there is a record of accidents that warrant a change, based upon my observations that most drivers drive at least 30 mph or faster, that a reduction is being proposed for other than good reasons. The 30 MPH limit has existed since the reconstruction of 109 some 35 years ago. Before that, Old 109 actually had a 40 MPH limit up to the intersection with Lee Road.

Seems to me this effort to reduce the limit is misguided by some local residents and the police who like to have lower limits to pull over motorists.

As we all know the reduction on 109 North of the Library has done nothing as people coming back from the dump, rolling down the hill do not go 30, but now we have large electric signs for what??