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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Can I write in a candidate in the primary who is on the ballot for the other party? Yes

In answer to some queries on this topic, I have been assured that it is okay to write in a candidate from another party on your party's ballot. If you are a Republican for example, and wish to vote for a Democrat, simply write in the name in the appropriate space for that office ( be sure to not vote for more than allowed for each office) and fill in the oval next to " Write In."
The caveat is a big one. Your vote will not count in the other parties primary.
 The votes on primary ballots are counted only within the party listed on the ballot. Therefore a write-in vote in this circumstance will not affect who is elected as the nominee of that candidate’s party. It will though provide a show of support for a candidate not in your party.

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Could be worse... said...

Does that mean we can write in Putin!