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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Convention of Committees/Public Land Sale

Our third annual Convention of Committees will be held on Monday October 24th at the Lions Club. The time has not yet been set  and the details will be worked out at our work session this Thursday.

Two (2) public hearings will be held by the Select Board at 7:00 p.m., or as soon thereafter as the agenda permits on October 6, 2016, and October 20, 2016, in the Ernest Davis Meeting Room at 6 Holland Street, Moultonborough, NH on the proposed sale of two (2) parcels of tax deeded land and one (1) Town owned parcel (land only):
Parcel #        Map           Lot               Location 
1                   130             021             Spitzen Street
2                   166             007             Rose Lane
3                   170             002             4 Whittier Highway (land only)


Anonymous said...

I see across from Number four Whittier The junkyard is started again . Looks really nice Driving into town Who authorized all that

Anonymous said...

Anno 8:07
Word is that the town is allowing the junkyard and towing company to expand into the vacant property of the previously burned down residence. The corner lot (with the house on it) has presumably been used as a residence AND towing company long enough to be "grandfathered" in which the vacant lot was only a residential rental.

Anonymous said...

That same towing company has another junk yard further up Bean, which has many storage trailers pushed into the woods that are not taxed because they cant tell if they are still on that property, or they have been pushed onto CH property. It's obvious what property they belong to.

Junkyard dog... that bites said...

From NHMA:

"Since 1965, all municipalities in New Hampshire have had the responsibility to license junkyards at the local level. This responsibility is contained in RSA Chapter 236 sections 111 through 129. It applies to all municipalities, whether or not there is a local zoning ordinance. There is a local licensing obligation even if the state Department of Transportation has issued a license to the junkyard facility. The license is issued by the governing body as of April 1, and is only effective until the next April 1. The licensing obligation is important, because pursuant to RSA 236:119, any unlicensed junkyard location is declared to be a nuisance, which may be the subject of an enforcement action. "


"If the local governing body does not deal with complaints arising from either junkyards or the “junky yard", either the attorney general or affected private citizens may proceed to the superior court and seek injunctive relief. For local officials, they may find themselves in court as the defendant rather than the plaintiff, and may find themselves ordered to take actions when it is the offending landowner who has created the harm to the neighboring properties. "

Another thought is to wait and see if the Town does sell the property, and go from there.

Anonymous said...

That really is too bad for the neighbors in that area. It must affect the neighbors property values. With that said, me thinks that it is the responsibility of Town officials to protect neighboring property values. Does anyone know WHY the Town may be allowing it and its expansion onto the abutting "residential" property?

Moultonboro Blogger said...

If there is an issue there, the correct channel is to make a complaint to the Code Enforcement Officer.

Anonymous said...

Forget the Code enforcement angle, look at the house built on Balmoral canal. 3br. state septic design, 4br. permitted. Abutter complained foundation too close to line, was told she should survey it. House too tall, too close to water, on and on.

Anonymous said...

What allowed them to use the primary residential property on the corner as a towing/junkyard? Is it that they owned the property before the town ordinance? And if so can they disregard the ordinance and use the property(ies)anyway they please?

It is a shame with both properties being so exposed and obvious, that any code official would overlook it. This doesn't only affect property values over on that road, but potentially all of ours.

When the house burned down and wasn't replaced, does that change the use to any, or limit it?