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Thursday, September 1, 2016

High Spending for Belknap County Commissioner Election

I have noticed large ads in the Laconia Daily Sun for Hunter Taylor, a candidate for Belknap County Commissioner. I thought to myself, his campaign must be spending quite a bit of money. I was correct.
The NH Sec of State has this website where candidates are required to file a report by August 24th if expenditures exceed $500.
 Hunter Taylor, who was appointed to the Belknap County Board of Commissioners a few years ago to fill the seat vacated by  Steven Nedeau 's  resignation, is seeking election in his own right. As of August 24th, his Statement of Receipts and Expenditures with the NH Sec. of State indicate he has spent $3,796.60, all of it his own money.
An opponent, fellow incumbent Richard Burchell, has  $1,439.69 in receipts with expenditures of $930.48 cents was the only other Belknap Commissioner candidate to file a report.
As recent letters to the editor indicate, there is some bad blood on that board. I do find it a bit inappropriate for a sitting commissioner to write a letter to the editor signing as a commissioner and not a private citizen, advocating for and against candidates for that same board.

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