"Real liberty is neither found in despotism or the extremes of democracy, but in moderate governments.
Alexander Hamilton

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Primary September 13th: Make Voting A Priority.

As we head into the primary voting on September 13th, we should take some time to think about where we are today as a state and nation before casting our votes.

On September 13th, think carefully about who gets your vote to represent you in the NH House in our Carroll County District 04.  If you are a Republican or Democrat you have to vote in your respective party's primary. Many of you though are " undeclared" and when you come to vote, must declare as either a Republican or Democrat.

There are two Democrats running for  two seats so it is an unopposed primary.  One of them is yours truly, Paul Punturieri and  the other Gary Chehames of Tuftonboro. We are working closely together and hope for as much support as possible. As a reminder, our district consists of Moultonboro, Tuftonboro and Sandwich.
On the Republican side, there are the two incumbents, Karel Crawford and Glenn Cordelli ( who do not play well together) and newcomer Brent Anderson.
I have always been a hard worker as one of your selectman and prior to that in my tenure on the Planning Board. I am not retired and often work more than a full time schedule, All  total though,  in 5 plus years, I have missed exactly one meeting. It's what I signed up for.

Incumbent Karel Crawford did not attend three of the sixteen house sessions in 2016 and left early on numerous others. In 2015 there were 200 roll call votes. She failed to cast a vote in 54 of them. There were 236 roll call votes in 2016.  She failed to cast a vote on 105 of those roll call votes. It is hard to represent your constituents when you aren't present to vote. I do have to admit though, that as a Republican, her voting record indicates when she did vote, she is a pretty good Democrat.

Glenn Cordelli is a poster child for the far right. He received a 100% rating by American's For Prosperity, the Koch Brothers funded group that promotes very extreme goals, such as defunding public education. Cordelli believes that licensing of health care professionals is  " an excessive licensing requirement." His track record in Ossipee has been one of a constant witch hunt to find a villain and not one of seeking to find solutions. He was a major proponent of defunding the 162 year old county farm, a nearly 900 acre reminder of where New Hampshire has it's roots. In short, he is a proponent of regressive policies and an extreme ideology that will continue to harm NH citizens.

We are living in a time of unprecedented political polarization. We can't get anything done and we will continue to not get anything done unless we vote for change. We can't afford two more years of partisan ideology and putting the political agendas ahead of New Hampshire families.