"Real liberty is neither found in despotism or the extremes of democracy, but in moderate governments.
Alexander Hamilton

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Response to a Comment

The following in black italics is a comment from Glenn Cordelli who I guess didn't like my post regarding Ed Comeau. My responses are in blue.

Government Paul does not see a need for accountability in government. Was fraud committed? Who were the employees (or elected officials) kept on the benefits list? Were claims paid out to ineligible people? 
 I presented facts and not name calling as you did. Your use of an ad hominem by resorting to labeling  me as " government" proves my point that your interest lay in promoting an ideology, not in providing leadership. My goals are open, cooperative and frugal government with common sense leadership. I believe we must have people in the NH House  that are reasonable and truly want to work for ALL constituents and are beholden only to them, not extreme organizations like the Koch brothers funded Americans for Prosperity. 
If you believe that fraud was committed, why not file a complaint with the AG's office? 
The Delegation has been silent on this since Ms. Newlins report to the Delegation was accepted by the NH DRA and the Delegation long ago.  It would be incredibly disappointing to see the Republican Delegation majority use their bully pulpit to push for another witch hunt. Enough already!
Why not just sit down quietly with Ken Robichaud and the Commissioners and try to get a few facts before making accusations that fraud was committed? 
Yours and Comeau's time would be better spent working across the aisle in Concord and within your own party in Ossipee. 
I have been told that others knew about this going on and that the commissioners were notified. But nothing was done. Why? To quote Hillary, "What difference at this point does it make?"
Ah yes, the famous " I have been told" That doesn't mean smearing reputations with innuendos ..... and lets focus on NH shall we? 
And Government Paul likes to talk about cooperation and officials getting along but then tries to smear a fine representative who does happen to believe in accountability.
I presented facts to the public regarding Ed Comeaus political and extreme ideology which voters may not realize. They perhaps thought they were voting for a Republican but what they actually got was  a Libertarian with an organization and finances bent on taking over the legislature. The truth is not a smear. It is the scary truth.


State Rep Glenn Cordelli said...

There you go again with the Koch Brothers. Tired old liberal play book.
To paraphrase form VP candidate Bentsen -
I do not know the Koch brothers. The Koch brothers are not friends of mine. The Koch brothers have never contributed to any of my campaigns.
But if anyone does know them, you can point them to my web site CordelliforNH.com where they can donate.

State Rep Glenn Cordelli said...

And what about the 2009 91-a filed by the editor of this site against the town and then took them to court - and lost. Could not he have sat down with the Selectmen and discussed the matter? Was that a witch hunt?
I guess he believes that it is ok for him to file a 91-a request over a meeting, but improper for a State Representative to file a 91-a request over thousands of dollars of taxpayer money at a minimum.

Moultonboro Blogger said...

As you apparently do not know, I was at BoS meetings week after week asking questions gathering informtion. Get your facts straight. You and Ed Comeau apparently believe that the county is engaged in "tyrannical" behavior. Doesn't get more extreme than that. I suppose you also agree that there should be no government oversight on food safety as does Ed Comeau. I for one do not want that kind of extreme representation in Concord. It is irresponsible.

Moultonboro Blogger said...

You voted 100% in favor on their issues and were proud of their A+ rating. Publicly. Obviously your are lock step with their extreme agenda. Now you are acting as if you never heard of them. I hope you will now at least register your campaign on the NH Sec of State website as I have done for transparency. The Koch brothers AFP has pledged $1 million of unaccountable money into NH for NH House candidates. You may not have gotten donations directly, but they are supporting their A+ rated candidates.

Dave Rossetti said...

Boys, boys, boys, relax. It will play the way it will play. My political philosophies are more in line with Glenn, "The Don" and yes at times even David Duke. The hard core liberal left is driving our nation into the ground. They are in our schools, town halls, police stations, local, state, and federal government. The objective is clear, divide and conquer. currently we are seeing very negative "American" propaganda on main stream media and in our colleges. Our schools HAVE become indoctrination centers with very little if any "educating" going on. Our courts are nothing more than revenue generators for the state while destroying families in the name of "safety". Our money is worthless and backed by only debt. Our infrastructure is crumbling while health and human services continues to shovel resources at the heroin our government imports daily in an effort to destroy our children, future and hope.
So Glenn is not alone. The people to whom I interact with on a daily basis are very much in line politically with what I am saying here. I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I ask around and I certainly am not alone. We as a nation are a hot mess. Time to unify. Stop the name calling, stop the insanity. Lets come together, much the way we were some 15-20 years ago with common goals, hopes and desires.

Anonymous said...

Most here in our little burb are well aware that Crawford and Cordelli are two very different republicans. Cordelli has a core of tea party followers and they do not represent the majority of voters. Both have a record in the House and that is the downside to being an incumbent. I suspect that the outcome this year will not be the typical result.