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Alexander Hamilton

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Trump Should Apologize to the Secret Service

No matter your political preference, Donald Trump's recent statement that Hillary's body guards should disarm to "see what happens to her" goes well beyond campaign hyperbole. It shows a lack of any respect for the Secret Service agents who are willing to put themselves in front of a bullet to protect the candidates they are assigned to. No matter what or who they support politically, they are just doing their job and doing it equally for all. No matter who they plan on voting for.
The people that would be harmed by his " see what happens to her" are these dedicated and brave men and women of the Secret Service. The same ones who protect him.Of course, Trump won't apologize, he will more likely amp up the rhetoric.

I wonder what the agents in the audience were thinking when Trump was making his comments ?


Mt. Rattler said...

Come on Paul. Really? Your hyperbole is ridiculous. We know you don't like Trump already, and you're keen on Clinton's skirt tails, but he was not in any way putting down the secret service.. His sardonic remarks referenced the anti gun movement of the left. Recognize sarcasm when it's spoken please, rather than turning it into an anti Republican rant. How's your viewership these days on your blog? .

Moultonboro Blogger said...

He probably didn't, because he doesn't often think about what he says. Sarcasm, perhaps, but not the words of a commander in chief. Not everyone gets passive aggressive sarcasm afterall. Some can and do interpret his words in a far more literal manner.
Speaking for myself, I am not anti gun and have no desire to take away any guns from anyone who legally owns them. Period. Surprisingly, that is also the position of the mainstream " left." Trumps false point that Hillary wants to ban all guns is simply not factual.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Blogger. Can you edit out these national stories? We have plenty of resources for national news. The gift of this blog is its local focus……especially now that we’ve lost the Citizen.