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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Carroll County Republican Committee Misleading Again on the County Farm

"Know the Real Facts"  is very good advice. As is verifying the facts. The ad below was in the Granite State News today and it is remarkably disingenuous in a number of ways.
Firstly, no member of the delegation of either party, not just Republicans , has advocated selling the County's land assets.
Secondly, and this is the most disingenuous and highlights how some members of the Republican members of the delegation just can't figure out how to work for the people of Carroll County, is the alleged $400,000 in losses paid over the past 6 years. I checked this morning with the County Administrator and he was not asked by any delegation members for any  information. None. Once again they have proven that they are unwilling to work with the County and get the facts correct, but  continue to try to run for cover in an election year.

Why in the world do they not want to work together to solve this once and for all so we can plan for the future and move on?  Perhaps bullet number 3 has the  answer: call your Republican representatives for information. For sure an election year. It doesn't matter to them to get this right. It only matters to cover their respective butts and blame everyone else for spreading misinformation.

Nice try Chair Umberger. Keep trying to defend the short sighted actions of your majority to defund the farm with a new " study" many months after you made the decision. Tell that to the 20 plus year employee who lost his job because of it.

As a candidate for a seat on that same delegation, I will vow to work with the county and commissioners and across the aisle, because my job as a legislator is to do what is necessary for the citizens of our district, first and foremost, not partisan politics.


State Rep Glenn Cordelli said...

We hear from the candidate owner of this site (and Commissioner Babson) that we should just use the audited numbers for expenditures and revenue.
Isn't it interesting that the Commissioners own advisory committee do not believe the numbers and have had to file a 91-a request to get information from the Commissioners.

Moultonboro Blogger said...

What is interesting is how you are continuing to mislead the public. Firstly, I never said to use " just the audited numbers." I said repeatedly, that you used unaudited numbers that are not accurate and you used those numbers to defund the farm before any study was conducted.
Secondly. I watched the meeting on October 20th the issue was about the process and assuring that if a 91-a request is made it follows the Commissioners predefined procedure. Our County Administrator clearly states, he was not even aware that information was requested from the Finance Director who has been in an out of the office and may not have been aware of it. This is all in response to the gross inaccuracy your Chair Karen Umberger put in her letter. No conspiracy and no one hiding information.
Based upon your angry hissy fits to a sitting commissioner and an ex commissioner at the Moultonboro candidates night, the public can clearly see why you have not been able to work well with the county. Because of you, Umberger and McConkey we are going down a rabbit hole with opposing groups working not in unison but in opposition.