"Real liberty is neither found in despotism or the extremes of democracy, but in moderate governments.
Alexander Hamilton

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Funny How Some People Claim to Defend the Constitution but Have No Problem Denying Someone Else's Free Speech

In a sad reflection of the times we live in when once again, for the second time in less than a week my yard sign and that of Gary Chehames was taken from the end of the private road that leads to my home.
Whoever took the signs denied my right to free speech. You know, the one guaranteed to me by the First Amendment to the Constitution. What am I saying, you don't really know what that is do you?

Political signs are political speech, the exact same speech guaranteed in the First Amendment of the Constitution, the supreme law of the land. Yard signs might be stupid, but freedom of speech is not, and you would think that everyone could agree on that.
Illegally removing my sign is not a form of protesting the message. It's denying my right to speak. The only acceptable response to a sign you don’t like is putting up your own somewhere. That is what candidates do.
What you did was attack our democracy. I am fairly certain that the perpetrators are those that claim to be the " defenders of the constitution" but in reality are just some very angry, depressing people who can never find an upside to anything and believe that everything is just one conspiracy after another.
No matter. The signs will be back.
It's not rocket science to figure out who could be behind this as well as the candidate they support. 

If anyone witnessed these signs being taken, please email me at ppunturieri@yahoo.com.

 Reminder: What you did was illegal:
" In addition to the available criminal penalties for violating RSA chapter 664, the Legislature has established a civil penalty of up to $1,000 per violation for "removing, defacing, or destroying political advertising on private property." RSA 664:21, VI (a)-(b). "

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Dave Rossetti said...

I had a tractor and a boat for sale out on my front lawn. I have several "TRUMP" signs on the front lawn. I had a "Hillary for prison" sign on the lawn. 5 days ago while standing out in the yard, I was speaking with a friend on my phone when a late model white NISSAN ALTIMA stopped at my mail box. It was dusk. I assumed the people who stopped were interested in my tractor/boat. I started toward the man at my tractor, as I approached, the man ran to the waiting car, jumped in and the car sped off quickly. The license plate lights both had been unplugged so I could not see the plate well. This action appeared suspicious. As I watched the car accelerating, I looked around to see if any thing was missing. Well something was , my Hillary for prison sign was gone,(I paid $50 for two signs that have both now been stolen) the left front tire and the right side tire on my boat trailer both had been slashed to the tune of $250 as both tires had been destroyed by the young man jumping into the NISSAN. Now, I witnessed this happening. I immediately called the MPD as the car was speeding toward Melvin Village. No arrests were made however officer Beede did offer to come and take photos of the damaged tires. I declined and thanked him for his and the MPD's efforts.
Now, sure I was unhappy about this, but I was not surprised or disappointed as this is the behavior of children, children of the state, rationalizing with emotion as they have been trained through public education to expound hate,fear, and lack of respect for the Constitution of which they enjoy the protections of without allowing others the same. Thank God for the "left".

Dave Rossetti