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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Mark Hounsel: Republican in Name Only and Proud of It.

I don't have his exact words, but yesterday at the Gibson Center Mark Hounsel, the " Republican" candidate for Carroll County commissioner District 1 told the audience something along the lines that he was running as a Republican in name only... because he would have a better chance at getting elected. (Mr. Hounsel was invited to the Moultonboro Candidates Night held last Friday, but did not attend.)
In his letter to the Conway Sun on August 8th 2016, his platform seems to be that he would be a " non-partisan" commissioner.  Personally, I think that the commissioners should be truly non-partisan as are Selectmen. but that is a matter for another day.
Today however, we have partisan elections for county commissioner. You have to choose or run as an independent. Except for Mark Hounsel. He was hoping for the best of both worlds.
He wrote " It might seem crazy to run into the burning house of the GOP while others flee an inferno fueled by Tea Party tinder and ignited by a presidential campaign going down in flames....I am the personification of a RINO (Republican in name only). I’m hoping to become the personification of a new and improved New Hampshire Republican Party, and not remain a RINO."  

In his last paragraph he wrote " At this juncture, I have absolutely no obligations to the N.H. GOP." He concluded that he was hoping to win the nomination of both parties.  He didn't. 
At the time, there was no other candidate declared for that office. In  the primary, Democrat Burt Weiss received far more than the required number of write-in votes to be on the ballot on November 8th as a Democrat.
So on November 8th it's Burt Weiss (d)  vs Mark Hounsel(?) but a  proud RINO. 
What a crazy election season. 

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