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Alexander Hamilton

Sunday, October 16, 2016

"Misinformation flying around Carroll County"

Ah yes, an election year. This is clearly evidenced by Rep. Karen Umberger's letter to the Conway Daily Sun last Thursday. She mentions that there is a lot of "misinformation flying around Carroll County" then goes on to present inaccurate numbers on the financial history of the County Farm in defense of her vote to defund it. She claims "another analysis" shows that the farm lost in excess of $400,000 over the past five years. The " other analysis" was provided by Rep. Glenn Cordelli which I challenged when he brought this same information to our Board of Selectmen meeting in Moultonboro. The numbers as Umberger is very well aware, are unaudited numbers. When Cordelli did his analysis, audits for all five years were available. Why didn't he seek them out? Why didn't she?  Instead, they went with misinformation to bolster defunding the farm before a proper study was conducted and continue to present the same misinformation. Now we know where the "misinformation flying around Carroll County " is coming from.
Is that how we want our legislators to conduct business?  
In reality, using audited numbers, the County Farm actually turned a profit in 2013 and over the past five years the loss, while still very significant, was $171,000, but nowhere near the $400,000 Umberger claimed taxpayers paid. 
Lastly, it is interesting that Umberger now wants the Commissioner's farm sub committee to finish its work prior to the 2017 budget process. She did after all defund the farm without any study at all. 

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