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Alexander Hamilton

Friday, October 14, 2016

Moultonboro Board of Selectmen to Host First Convention of Select Boards.

Tentatively scheduled for late November, it is expected that the select boards from five neighboring towns at the invitation of Moultonboro, will convene to discuss any topics where we have a common interest. I made the suggestion to the BoS a few months back after a Master Plan Steering Committee meeting when we discussed working more closely with neighboring towns. I'm glad we received a positive response from most of our neighbors.
Six towns were invited and five agreed to meet. The five towns confirmed are Tamworth, Tuftonboro, Center Harbor, Sandwich and Meredith. We have not yet heard from Ossipee.
We are after all, the "lakes region" and perhaps this will stimulate some serious conversations about how we can work better together for the common good.

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Fred Van Magness said...

I agree it is a nice step forward. However, I firmly believe that a meeting with some 20-30 participants can be less than spectacular without an independent third party facilitator to search out common interest areas and channel thoughts and ideas into actionable future agenda items. Otherwise it becomes unfocused and leads to participants less than enthusiastic for continued discussions. Case in point.....our town has attempted to meet with the School Board and I must admit the meetings (IMHO) were less interesting than watching paint dry. Topics for even some future discussion were left open without clear actions and ownership. And to pass the baton to the local town administrators to follow up on items is not realistic. The outcome will be a direct result of how well the meeting is orchestrated and managed. I have yet to see the skills to pull this type of session off with clear results and commitment.