"Real liberty is neither found in despotism or the extremes of democracy, but in moderate governments.
Alexander Hamilton

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Pointing Out Political Differences is Not An Attack Jane. Bringing My Parents Into the Discussion Though is Poor Taste.

This is a response to a letter in tomorrow's Laconia Daily Sun, from Jane Aitken  the spokesperson for all things conspiratorial and extreme. That's Aitken with a "t" as in Tea Party.  ( Like no one ever misspelled my name?) 
It is clear if you read Jane's letter, that she is a very angry person and prone to name calling. Her "arguments" are not based upon any facts at all and rely on the tried and true Tea Party use of invectives and name calling with a heavy dash of hyperbole.  Her bringing my parents into the discussion is offensive and uncalled for. 
Let me address the family references first. She questions whether my parents were trying to "destroy" public schools. 
My mother will be 94 in a few weeks and she is doing quite well and has been closely following this campaign from her apartment in New Jersey. My father was a career postal worker, served in the Army in WWII as a Master Sergeant and was a D-Day veteran who landed on Normandy beach. 
He would be spinning in his grave at the thought of the government paying for his kids to go to private school.
She stated that I attended “private" schools seemingly to imply that we were wealthy and privileged. We most certainly were not. We grew up Catholic in an inner city neighborhood in a small house with a large family. As most Catholic families in those days, we were members of our local parish which also in those days had its own elementary school. All of my siblings attended K thru 8 at that school. To afford this, my mother spent countless hours driving nuns around Brooklyn, doing various errands and quite a few other favors .We attended that school not because our public schools were bad, but because they wanted us to have a Catholic education.

Jane goes off on a number of other tangents with the obligatory " unelected" outside groups and making grossly inaccurate statements about what I do and do not support. She also claims our local school board does not control our schools. No Jane, they did not" hand of that responsibility" to outsiders. 
I do have to laugh at her statement that I am a "career politician." Seriously Jane? How do you expect to be taken seriously with that kind of statement? I am a volunteer, Jane, something we cherish here in our district. 

The rest of her missive was just more Tea Party-Koch brothers talking points, not worth responding to. 
One more item she keeps getting wrong are my comments on Ed Comeau and his Right to know request to the County. I'll try to keep this as simple as possible so that you finally get it: I never questioned his or anyone's right to make a request. I clearly questioned his motives. He is a Free State transplant who wants to take over our state. I oppose that. Period. Got it Jane Aitken with a "t"?

If Glenn Cordelli does not support the Koch brother’s agenda he needs to disavow himself and not take pride in their A+ rating of his record. I stand by my statements that our schools do not take a back seat to any private school in NH. Glenn Cordelli never took the time to focus on his constituents who use the schools and find out the many continual improvements that the schools continue to make. Instead he is in lock step with the American's for Prosperity plans for America. 

Lastly, I do support school choice. Parents already have that choice. I do not however support our tax dollars being diverted from our public schools.
We need to reject extremist ideology and it starts at the local level.