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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Support for the Top of the Ticket , Jeb Bradley Deja Vu and the Best Line of the Night

Three pieces to this post. Some of the best questions of the night came from our sponsor for the event, the Moultonboro Academy Class of 2018. One question was posed to both Senate candidates: Do you support your party's nominee for President? Democratic candidate John White said he supports Hillary Clinton and Republican incumbent Jeb Bradley said he would support his party's nominee Donald Trump. Neither candidate hesitated in their responses.

The second piece is a bit of deja vu. 
I wrote this almost two years to the day of the last district 04 Meet the Candidates event held in Sandwich on October 26th 2014, also moderated by Lee Quimby. I bring this up because Sen. Bradley made the same promise about the donor town tax last night in Moultonboro: 

"In the course of the session, the State Senate Candidates had an opportunity to speak and early on in his talk, incumbent Jeb Bradley (r) Wolfeboro made a point that he is opposed to the so called " donor towns" which up until just a few years ago, sent a large amount of our local tax dollars to fund an adequate education to " receiver" towns like Claremont. He thought it wrong that it pitted towns against each other.The funding for this began in 1998.
I have to thank Russ Wakefield for his reminder that Jeb Bradley who was a NH House Rep in 1998 ,voted in favor of donor towns which increased our property tax by about 42% the first year after it was in effect and dropped by 36% the year after it was put on hold.
So I asked Jeb if my information was correct and did he in fact actually vote in favor of donor towns when in the NH House? He was caught off guard, but answered in the affirmative that he did indeed vote in favor back in 1998. Everyone ( even politicians) are entitled to change their minds, but I think it is important for voters to be aware of these facts before taking a politician at his or her word."

Lastly, the best line of the night was County Commissioner Candidate and former Commissioner and current county treasurer, Chip Albee to an audience member who told him she didn't believe him when he said that the " missing" surplus in the county that caused the budget shortfall was due to mistakes in accounting process and the money actually was returned to taxpayers to reduce the tax rate over the years.  His response: " I have no control over what you believe." I have to remember that line. 


The Voice of Reason said...

After attending the candidates forum I am discusted but not surprised by the way that people conducted themselves. We had our usual suspects, several people heckling from the crowd who don't even have the decency to approach the microphone. We also had a specific candidate who conducted himself like an upset child. He seemed like he had personal problems with most of the candidates who spoke and it seemed that he couldn't get along with anyone. I can see how the Trump mentality of lashing out and name calling has trickled down through the Republican Party. At one point there was a time where he yelled "I'll stand if I want to", crossed his arms, and stood there pouting. I was sad that the kids sitting in the back had to watch this horrible display and understand that the way Glenn Cordelli acted was not how any politician, public leader, or citizen should behave. I know who has my vote and hint hint, It's not Glenn.

Tom Howard said...

And on the up side...Congratulations to Connor Shipp and the M.A. Class of 2018 for bringing this candidate opportunity to our community!

Moultonboro Blogger said...

Agree with both comments.