"Real liberty is neither found in despotism or the extremes of democracy, but in moderate governments.
Alexander Hamilton

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Anger from Arizona

An interesting letter in the Laconia Daily Sun supporting an opponent in my race for the NH House. Rick Heath seems to think that exposing the truth is mud slinging. He also believes that charter schools are superior to our local schools here in Moultonboro, Sandwich and Tuftonboro. 

He missed one important word in his letter: public. They are actually called Public Charter Schools.
Charter schools are public and tuition-free schools. They are under the NH Department of Education.  There are no charter schools in our district. Per the NH DOE ".. most charter schools are established to fulfill a particular educational vision or to address a particular subset of the general public school population." They are not intended to be a replacement for our traditional public schools.
There is some irony here also. NH has received two very large Federal grants ($11.2 million in 2010) for  it's charter schools in recent years. Why no outcry about the strings attached or big government?
Charter schools have to be paid for by the state somehow, be it through the money set aside for charter schools or traditional public schools.
I don't oppose charter schools or " defundng them"  as he stated. Rather I support the excellent schools in our district and want to provide them the tools to continue to improve. Our schools are really doing great things and it troubles me that we send people to Concord who don't understand that, especially those that have never met with the people doing the work. 

I had to chuckle when  I read this in his letter: " ...he ( Cordelli) has taken a lead to correct Carroll County's dubious and challenging budget issues. He's been the target of some gratuitous and misleading comments from one of his challengers for his tough and hard-hitting stance."
Whoa Nellie. That is quite the spin. I guess the truth hurts. Cordelli has never even sat  down and had a meaningful conversation with our new administrator and finance director. How is that " taking a lead"? His anger and inability to work with people at the county is a barrier. As with our schools, he had never sat down with the county administration to get information and work to solve our problems. My comments on his record are neither gratuitous or misleading. What they are about is Glenn Cordelli's four year record of extremism and putting political ideology ahead of the citizens of Carroll County. 
My focus will always be to first represent the interests citizens of Carroll County District 04, Moultonboro, Sandwich and Tuftonboro.