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Alexander Hamilton

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Behind on Tax Bill, Newly Elected State Senator Made Personal Loan to His Campaign

Current NH State Senator Andrew Hosmer was recently defeated in his  bid for re-election to Senate District 7 to Harold French. The Concord Monitor reported today that Harold French owes more than $2,600 in property taxes to the city of Franklin for the first half of 2016, but managed to loan his campaign $3,000. He claims that he ran for Senate on behalf of people with limited incomes.
In addition to his property tax, he owes over $57,000 to the IRS, and has had tax liens on his properties in at least four municipalities from 1999 through this current year.
Newly elected to the State Senate ( depending upon the final disposition of some 31 miscounted votes in Laconia), Harold French will be responsible to help determine the state budget. I can only hope he is not chosen to replace Andrew Hosmer on the Senate Finance Committee.

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