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Alexander Hamilton

Friday, November 4, 2016

Expecting a Busy Day at the Polls

Town Moderator Harry Blood spoke to the BoS last evening about the upcoming election day and to review some of the procedures to keep things moving smoothly. There may be a record number of absentee ballots and perhaps many write-in votes, which will take considerable time to process.
Everyone working the polls Tuesday will be volunteers doing the best they can, and if everyone is patient and has their voter ID handy before they come in, it will go a long ways to keeping the day going smoothly.
As per RSA  658:21-a Selectmen Pro Tem,  as I will not be working the polls, I have appointed Linda Punturieri to be my replacement. Selectman Bartlett appointed Richard Wakefield as his Selectmen Pro Tem as he will not be available that day.

If you cannot get to the polls, you can still get an absentee ballot until Monday November 7th at 5pm at the Town Clerks office.

Lastly, look all the way down the ballot when you vote as there are numerous local and state offices on the ballot.


Fred Van Magness said...

I understand the RSA and your sincere desire to meet your obligations while running as a candidate. Thank you for being so attentive to duty. However, judgement would say that you should maybe select someone other than a relative or spouse to fulfill your duties, to avoid any appearance of impropriety. I do not know Linda or her relationship and my comment is in no way a reflection on her at all. However, it is a judgement call that maybe should be in a different direction. You would not want to have your judgement questioned even if it is within the law. Just my opinion....

Moultonboro Blogger said...

While I appreciate the comment I expect that the workers will be there in excess of 14 hours. She is interested in volunteering and it was a good opportunity to get involved. In addition, there are many times in our town when candidates are on the ballot and spouses work the polls.

Linda Punturieri said...

I have no motive in volunteering to work on election day other that to participate in a major election. There is no impropriety, appearance or otherwise. My efforts and intentions are strictly above any such suggestions. I intend to serve the community along with many other volunteers and staff. I understand the comment above was not implying such, but I wish to clarify for those that may be thinking otherwise.

Dad said...

Paul, you might want to reread RSA 658:24. You are not prohibited from fulfilling your election duties so long as you do not handle marked ballots or count votes.

The SOS recently sent all Moderators a memo to this effect. I am sure Harry Blood received it as well.

Like you, I have this issue. However, I will be at the polls all day. I have appointed my Vice Moderator, Craig Evans, to handle marked ballots and count votes.

William M Marsh
Moderator, Town of Brookfield
Candidate, NH House, Carroll County 8