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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Grafton County Farm the Last County Farm in New Hampshire, No Plans to Close Despite Rumors. Coalition Urges Voters to Not Vote for Delegation Members Who Voted to Defund Carroll County Farm.

There seems to be some rumors floating about the county that the Grafton County farm will close due to poor revenue in 2015, and it is being used as ammunition to justify those on the Carroll County delegation that voted to defund it. It is not true. Long time Grafton County Commissioner Michael Cryans was quoted in this article in the Concord Monitor as saying "I think it’s wise to keep it going.” Of the inmates who work at the vegetable farm stand along Route 10, Cryans said that “very few of them come back to jail” after release.
According to the article there are three inmates who work year-round in the dairy barn, and depending on the season, anywhere between 2 and 15 helping on the rest of the farm. A major result of their hard work is an estimated $60,000 annually in saved food purchases due to the produce provided to the jail and nursing home.
Per Commissioner Cryans I think it’s fair to say that the farm loses a little money most years.” But, he added, the county commissioners want to keep the farm there for the unquantifiable, but tangible benefits, it provides. 
I agree. Some members of the Carroll County delegation believe that they have some authority to determine the future of the county farm. They do not. A county employee lost his job due to the cut in funding by the delegation before any study was conducted. 
The Coalition to Save the County Farm has called for voters next Tuesday to vote out the delegation members who voted against the farm. They include: Glenn Cordelli (R-Tuftonboro), Ed Comeau (R-Brookfield), Mark McConkey (R-Freedom)  and Lino Avellani (R-Wakefield). All told, 11 of the 15 delegation members. 
Stealth Free Stater Ed Comeau has written on his Facebook campaign page that voters "should not believe the political hype being fomented against those on the Delegation that are proposing to transition the FARM into a Learning Center.".  No Ed, the "hype" is about your decision to not fund the farm and them run for cover in an election year.  
Voters should be clear on the fact that the Delegation has no authority to run the county or make any decisions as to the disposition of the farm. It is up to the commissioners. Its laughable to read on Comeau's Facebook page that the delegation and commissioner's subcommittee are working together.  
I support the county farm as an operating entity under the ownership of Carroll County and await the outcome of the Commissioner's subcommittee recommendations. 

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