Sunday, November 6, 2016

Lakes Region Symphony Orchestra

We attended the Lakes Region Symphony Orchestra (LRSO) performance last evening ( got a few free tickets ) at the Community Auditorium at Moultonborough Academy, and while I am a complete novice on the subject, it was quite the enjoyable experience. I would estimate the audience at over 300.
The first symphony featured a 17 year old solo violinist, Nanako Shirai who ( at least to my ear) was flawless, and amazingly talented. 
The second was Beethoven's Symphony #7. Standing ovations to both. 
I found as I listened to each movement, that is was very mind numbing, but in a good way. Mesmerizing. Just relax and be taken in by the music without having to listen to words.The time just flew by. 
I did not know of the LRSO's  existence, but this is their 41st year.They usually perform at the Interlakes Auditorium, but it is currently undergoing a renovation with new seats being installed. They will be back at Interlakes on December 10th and 11th for a Holiday Pops concert. 

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